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Dipping my toe into slots again after 45 years.

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  • Dipping my toe into slots again after 45 years.

    After letting my OCD take me to infinite sites on the net while I tried to decide between brands, analog or digital, cars, how much track to initially get, where I am going to put the thing, I have...taken a gulp...and ordered a Ninco Pro Am analog set with a little over 30' of track and two Porsches that come along for the ride. I also ordered two cars I really want: Carrera's 1960 Plymouth Fury (black and white street version) and their '57 Chevy Bel Air (red & white race version). Of course, there are other cars I would like, but as I said, I am dipping my toe. I figure I can upgrade to Ninco's n-digital later if I want. My old "House of Usher" has a carriage house out back (still around from the horse and buggy days. It happens to have a spacious hayloft with lots of space, good light and electricity. I realize what amounts to an unheated garage/barn probably is not the best choice for my set. I veered away from the Carrera sets. Yes, I know their track plastic is more forgiving to temp extremes. Anyway, I can heat the space in the winter with a space heater and open windows and power up some big fans in the summer. There is a luxury of space there. Second option is my basement. Let's just say I call it "The Tombs". There is a great room for it down there that needs constant dehumidification in the summer. Also, with bad storms it may take on a couple inches of water. You probably think I'm crazy, but I plan to mount the track on tables whose legs would not really be affected too much by the water. My electricity source is overhead. I have a monster wet vac for when it is needed. The downside to this scenario is, well, like I said, it's in The Tombs. Third option is to put it up in one of the two guestrooms upstairs. A pingpong table takes up alot of the space, but could be used for the track. The other option, and last I think for now, is to initially set it up on the floor of my other guestroom. The thing about this Ninco set, like their master track, is that it is a lot of track in as small of a space as 4x8. I would optimally like to spread out a bit more than that. If you have read this far, first off, thanks. The question for now: What do you guys think about my track location options?

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      What he said.

      to SCI, by the way.


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        Me three!!!


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          I'd go with the barn, you can never have too much space

          , Fred


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            Thanks for the replys guys. You all say the barn...that's great but what about the track putting up with temperature extremes? I can keep a fan going when I'm not there in hot weather. In cold weather (sometimes butt-cold) I will have a kerosene heater to keep it comfy WHILE I am in there...but not when I am not. Will that really affect the track? Naturally I will not store the cars in the "barn"...What do you think?



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              John, I can't really give an opinion as far as the plastic track goes,my wood track lives in a "Morton building" out back, its insulated but I only heat it when I'm out there, so it gets pretty cold, I don't know if plastic would have any issues that MDF doesn't. I leave my cars out there all the time too, hasn't really bothered them.



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                Like what Fred said. My track is in a building also. You can add insulation to the space and space heat or cool, if you can stand it the track can too.Have fun and keep us up to date


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                  Forget that barn/temperature stuff.........
                  Tell the little woman that it's going in the spare bedroom, and be done with it! Heat, light, don't have to go outside and warm the place up before you can use, no worry about kerosene residue getting on the track/rails...and I'm sure you can add a few things too!!



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                    Thanks for the thoughts on where to put the track...

                    Yeah, it looks like the barn wins out. It's where I really wanted it anyway. The spare upstairs bedroom isn't roomy enough. The Tombs are too ...dank. So...I found an inexpensive 80K btu propane barn heater which should do the trick without breaking the bank. We'll see. I'll keep you guys posted as things progress. I'm already about to order another two cars...this could get addictive...What are your guys thoughts about analog vs digital? Did I just open a can of worms?


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                      I too am a newbie at this and I will say, it can be HIGHLY addictive. Like you, I looked on the web for the "specs" of each manufacture and decided to go w/Ninco and I am VERY PLEASED I did. The quality is VERY solid. I bought analog, and have recently converted to digital. I love the digital as w/Ninco, you can chip any car of any manufacture as long as there is room in the car to house the chip. The digital has a mode where you "race against the computer". This is great if you are racing alone. It will teach you to drive the cars.

                      Some advice-

                      1) Be careful of the Carrera cars...they look great, but some of them have a huge guide flag that you will have to modify. I have 3 of their cars and I do not care for their performance. (My opinion). In my opinion...Ninco cars run the best on Ninco track.

                      2) Look for deals on the web. You can find great deals on Ninco stuff...esp on some of the auction sites and on this web site.

                      3) Don't tell your wife how much you are I have been selling off an old comic and CD collection to support my new habit...I mean hobby.

                      I have been having a blast! You will find that there are numerous ideas and tips on this forum and the people are great and very helpful. I have never asked a question here that was treated as dumb, (even when it was!) and that was never answered.

                      By the way...I am in the process of build 2 4x8 tables and putting them in an L shape in my spare bedroom. I asked for the basement, the wife said, take the spare room...!


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                        Thanks for the advice. The Ninco's ability to let you race against the computer sounds quite cool. Can't wait! I will also be building two 4x8s together. I do not yet know if it will be an L-shape or a square.



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                          Welcome to the addiction.

                          I run Ninco analog and digital in my basement, plus a wood track. I'd recommend getting started with analog for the sheer simplicity of it. I'm very pleased with N-digital, but unless your goal is to build a 2-lane setup and have 8 guys over, I'd go with a straightforward, easy-to-get-started analog track.