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Pyramid PS26KX & Ninco problem

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  • Pyramid PS26KX & Ninco problem

    Hey all, I posted this in the tech forum but thought I'd ask you fine folks as it's Ninco related.

    I bought a PS26KX and hooked it up to a stock analog Ninco power track. After a short time, under 12 hours, it smoked the power track. Thinking it was the power track that was the problem, as it was fairly old, I installed my backup Ninco power track and promptly smoked it in the same amount of time. I'm running 10v and stock's, Ninco's, NSR's.

    Any ideas what the problem could be? Has anyone else run into this?
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    Not to rain on your parade or anything, but Ninco's rep has retired, and not been replaced.


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      It sounds like too many amps for the Ninco standard power base. You may try opening up the blown power base(s) to determine what failed.

      The Ninco 10401 power base is a heavier duty track but still am not sure if it is up to the PS26KX power supply.

      The big thing is to use a fuse or some sort of overload protection between the aftermarket power supply and the power base. This will prevent all the amps from going to the power base in the event of a short on the track.

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        I could see amps being an issue but I've not seen it above 2.5 amps. We're running no-mag. Has anyone else run into issues with this setup?


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          No. I have the same set up but directly hooked up to the track with drivers stations. I don't think the wires in the power track can handle the aftermarket supply.


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            I am using an older version of said supply with the 10401 power track with leads into both lanes with no problems. I have also used the same setup on a stock power track for some impromptu rug racing with no difficulties. What "smoked" ?


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              The circuit board is smoked.
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                As Hoss said, "the circuit board is smoked". I did this also. Take it apart and you might be able to solder the burnt out area. Worked for me.


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                  Circuit Board is the weakest link

                  In effect the circuit is becoming the fuse (weak link) in this set up. Protecting the Base with a fuse around output of original supply would help. Also finding out why you are drawing 2.5 amps. Are you running magnet cars? Or high amp motors?
                  Switching to a Drivers Station such as a DS -022 would take the weak link (Power base) out of you track.

                  This would allow you to use the amperage available from your supply. Still recommend fuse as normally you should not see hgh amp demand with 1:32 type motors. Always protect your track from a short circuit or you can damage your track/ wiring or power supply
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                    Once you switch to a after market variable power source you can no longer use the stock power track. The rest of your track should be fine but you need a heavy duty power tap to handle the Pyramid power source. give the guys at slot car corner a call tell them your setup and they will let you know where you went wrong and probably be able to assist in rectifying the problem.


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                      power supply

                      i have the same power supply for the last 4 years.. all good. Are you running magnet cars? perhaps a short somewhere on your track? Are you using cross over tracks at all?