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Painting ninco snow track

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  • Painting ninco snow track

    I would like to incorporate some snow track, so i can have a sliding curve, but I`m worried that if i paint the track i loose the slipperiness...
    Any experiances with this?

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    marginally. I use automotive primer 7 the track is still slick compared to the regular.


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      Thanks I`ll give it a try then, if i wan`t it slicker, i can always buff the paint, like you would on say a music instrument to get a gloss.
      Is there any do`s and dont`s paint vise? I`m thinking about reaction with the plastic in the track itself.


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        where are you? I go to any of the home centers, auto centers, or hardware stores & buy primer for auto's; the paints have to be formulated to adhere to the many different types of plastic on cars today, so it bonds quite well to the plastics we have for track.


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          Great There is a store that specializes in car paint not far from where i live.
          I'll bring a piece of black track so they can match the paint as close as possible.
          Thanks for the help