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    Greetings all,

    First post to say hello, getting back into slots after about 30yrs away. I am waiting on a Digital Master Set due in Friday. I picked it up for the boys and I for Christmas. I have been tinkering with Track Power and think I have a plan, opinions from the veterans are welcome. I call this layout The Dragon, it will be setup on an 11' by 6' 6" homemade table (Black Lines). I intend to put a full Plexiglass 4" guard around the outsides along with the usual guardrails.

    Thanks for looking.
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    With lots of tight turns you might want to choose short wheelbase cars to begin with. Some of the longer cars will not run too happily around them, especially if you don't take the magnets out. Lots of people don't like R1 curve sections, but I love them as part of combination curves.

    I'd put the two upper lane changers just after the tight turns instead of just in front of them. In my experience throttle change and braking before a turn while going over a lane changer dead strip can confuse the system a bit and stall cars. We've had arguments about that on the forum in the past, but my experience has not changed. The lane changer works best when you're giving it the most steady throttle.

    If you have some more space and like the digital then think about getting the pit lane kit. Test the basic system out first, though.
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      Use the second left hand lane change

      I would recommend using the second left hand lane change as well, give everyone a chance to move between both lanes. You may also consider getting double lane changes and remove the single direction lane changes to allow drivers to pick whichever lane they want to when they encounter a lane change. It can help break up single file racing



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        I like a good technical track. That would be great for some rallycross.
        In that space, though, you can fit a much more flowing track, with both high speed and technical sections. It's good to have a variety so that all types of cars can have sections they are good in. Also, with so many R1s so close together, there won't be much throttle control. You'll either be holding it at the speed that gets the car around without coming off, or feathering it the whole time. And finally, all your turns are the same radius. Try mixing it up a bit as bkrownd said. Use different radius pieces in the same turn so that the car is moving through a turn that gets tighter, or wider, or both.


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          Hey thanks for the tips guys.
          Sadly the master set has 31 R1 and only 3 R2 so most of the layouts I was able to come up with involve lots of tight turns. I do plan on getting some more track in a few months including a pit kit, and I will make it flow more at that time. The LC's will likely get changed after some track testing, I have read about the stall issues.
          As far as cars go I am going to build a thrash set for the boys, using Hornby Ford Focus WRC bodies and GSLOT H01 chassis. These will not be off the hook performers but they are only costing about $22 each to build.
          This track is going to grow with boys so as they get older things will get more advanced, we have 24 ft by 10 ft of available space and I intend to fill it over the next few years.


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            Take your time chipping the cars. The $$$ add up fast if some chips blow up.


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              I have not ventured into the digital arena yet but can offer a little advice on the track layout. With the R1 corners it helps alot to have the inner borders in place so longer wheelbase cars don't drop the inside tires off. Also on the combination left/right right/left turns continuing the borders inside and out gives more room to slide the cars.



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                Ninco layout

                MB .....First welcome to the forum and as you already have learned there are a great bunch of helpful guys and gals here !! You are very lucky to have those boys to share this with...

                You have done great job in getting that much track in that area...nice. Go ahead and make that move with those two LC's "before" the turns, and as a thought you might what to take the Console/Start section (which is equal to full straight as you know) and move it to the left some and then place that LC prior to the "finish", that way a car "stuck" behind a "slower" car wouldn't be blocked at the "dash" for the finish and I really can't see a need for it to be to right after the start as the cars are just getting to speed....just a thought.

                I would for now leave the magnets in the cars as those boys (and maybe you) don't want to be constantly putting desloted cars back on the track nothing will kill their fun quicker!!! Just be carefull not try to "over do" the magnet thing (by adding more mags) as that "could" cause issues with the motors overheating and also it "could" trip the consoles internal breaker. If that should happen and it appears nothing "works" just unplug the power (to the console) and wait maybe a minute or so it will have reset it's self, at least that's what I've found.

                That's just a thought for now and have fun with your new set...



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                  I think you do a great job with the number of R1s you have in that set, but another four R2s would really open the layout up and make it easier for novice drivers.

                  I second the recommendation to go with short wheelbase cars. The Ninco 1 Meganes, though not cheap by any means, would be great on that track.



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                    That's the problem with the Ninco Master Sets. Too many R1's. Good for rally but not so good for kids and digital. I think you would have been better off just getting the regular digital set and added on a few wider curves and another controller. I think digital is more fun on a flowing track that's not too technical. The best racing is when you're side to side with the other cars.


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                      Thanks again for the tips.
                      I completely agree that I need more R2 sections. So I picked up 6 sections on Ebay used, got an ok price. With shipping it worked out to about $5.50 each, not bad considering most shops are selling 2pc packs new for almost $20. Now I am back to Track Power to see what I can do. I will post a few layout options after I tinker for a while. I really enjoy the challenge of attempting to use all of the available sections to create a layout. It is like working with a puzzle that has multiple solutions, but only 1 correct answer.


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                        Originally posted by gibroni View Post
                        That's the problem with the Ninco Master Sets. Too many R1's.
                        The old digital master set had a lot of them, but the recent one doesn't.


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                          Track came, set up a circuit this morning to test everything. You guys were right the R1's are rough, and the LC's are bad anywhere close to a tight curve. (before and after)
                          I think for starters I will not try to use all the sections and just set up a nice open circuit for the Christmas morning presentation.
                          The set included 2 chipped Hornby Nascars, they are long wheelbase and do not deal with the R1's very well.
                          The 6 R2 sections should be here next week. I am taking off work after the 17th, and I will be building the table in preparation for Christmas. The great thing about grandsons is, I can build it and still keep it a surprize.

                          Here is the final Layout.

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                            Good looking set up. I'm anxious to get my track back up and running. Additionally, I need to get the digital conversion kit as I started with the analog master set. What will the final table size be with the new layout? I like the look an it appears there is a good mix of speed and technical driving required.


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                              The white lines represent 4- 36" by 80" bifold hollow core closet doors, so the whole table is 12' by 6'-6". future expansion will be done in 1 door increments and the final stage will be 6'-6" by 24'. (the wife will have accepted it all by then.)

                              the doors hinges will be on the down facing side, and I will cover the up facing side with green felt. I am still working out the details for the support legs, it will not be very high up (bar height for a kid = 20" maybe?). I also intend to use small toolbox latches to lock the doors together at the edges.

                              The intent is to be able to easily fold the whole thing up when the space is needed for something else.