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Track came down, sad.

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  • Track came down, sad.

    I am moving out of my shop and had to take down my track. Super bummed about it. It had to have been the best layout i've ever had, good elevation change, good flow in both directions. etc etc....Just wanted to share....spent some money for boarders and fencing and a section of high wall. Ninco, you really do it right in my opinion. Hoever I'd still like a high bank corner....just sayin...

    I don't see the opp. to have this kind of space in the near future. One day, prob. when the kids move out....a long long time from now...HA.


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    What were the footprint dimensions of that table layout? I'm trying to figure out how best to use my space right now. Looks like a pretty fast layout. How technical were the curves?


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      the whole space in the loft was 40x40. The back straight, given the walk around space and end of the table to the first and last straight on the back straight, was ~30. Total table space 33-35 x 20 and 10 on the narrow end.

      This probably dosen't make much sense, It was kinda "L" shaped. When I moved into the building there were a stack of doors with no home?! a few saw horses and viola.

      It was pretty fast, I believe the flow of a race track is the most important aspect of model racing. As I built this track Ninco had just made the R5 corners.....they are a great addition....trying to accomplish a natural flow like a good wood track and technical aspects and changeability in addition to good track texture. Ninco will always have my vote.



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        Yeah... I hear you on the flow. That's probably what I'll spend the most time stressing about once I get my tables set up. Did some general measuring on the floor and I'm hoping to eventually squeeze 4 lanes into a 16'x6'6" envelop. We shall see! Thanks for the response!