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Number of pieces in an N-Lifter kit?

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  • Number of pieces in an N-Lifter kit?

    I bought an n-lifter kit and it appears to be missing pieces. It came with what looks like two few of the upright halves. I've got 14 upright posts (made of two halves) and then 4 extra halves with the hole socket, not the pin stub. It also came with 6 cross-members and base stands, is that correct?

    The documentation doesn't state quantities. Just how many complete posts should I have? Once assembled, I only have 14 posts, and the four extra pieces. I'm guessing that I've been shorted two of the pinned halves, and got two too many of the socket halves.

    It'd be nice if the caps would click into place, not just rest there. It'd also be nice if the hook for the cross-member had a bit more curl in it. Right now it's just an open, inverted U that rests on the post clip. It'd be nice of they molded this hook with the opening a bit further around, so the post would have to be tilted inward to disconnect it. This would make it a little more resistant to coming loose accidentally.

    Otherwise they're really great stands. I'd buy more if they weren't so expensive.
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    Here is a link to Hotslots for the item:

    I have one of these at the flea market, will check to see exactly what we have and will post tomorrow... I do know it is supposed to provide 6 complete track lifts when it is assembled



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      here's what the package shows



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        Ah, see that left piece of the uprights? I only got 14 of them. I got 18 of the ones on the right half. So i was shorted 2 of that left half (which has the pin molded into it) and got two too many of the right half.