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  • Ninco track cleaning advice

    I have a rather large (206') two lane Ninco track with some newly replaced sections. I noticed my cars grip on the new sections is much better than many of the old sections. I have vacuumed all the loose debris off the whole track but need to use a good cleaner on it. I know some of the stuff may make the grip problem worse. Recommendations would be most welcome.

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    I'm not making a direct suggestion, but I will comment that at work we use a polymer cleaning substance to clean optics which you pour on as a liquid and peel off after it solidifies into a film, removing the encapsulated dirt. I'm sure there are many versions of this stuff for different applications. Something like that might work for a Ninco surface, if it contained solvents that were safe for the track's plastic. You could experiment with some substances that pour or spread on the track, sticks to the dirt, and then peel off cleanly.
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      Colsanders you might be experiencing something other then dirt. Ninco track as you know has a very coarse texture that when looked at closely is many minature pyramids. Depending how much you have run on the older pieces they will lose the very sharp point of the pyramids thus making it a little less grippy. Just an observation after a decade of running on Ninco so not saying for sure that is the issue but a little FYI.
      I had a Ninco track set up in a place that was 90% glass and noticed the track started looking baked and dry from the UV rays so I would wipe it down gasps coming from the experts....WD40. Obviously it would make the track slick....which I took full advantage of while still damp with some beater cars ....but would come good the following day. It will remove any rubbering/silicone laid down but kept/keeps my track shining and new.
      Try a small section first as I don't want you hating me!!!