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  • Lap Counting Problems

    Hi All - set up my first track(Ninco master track V09) January 1st. I have a few issues I need help with.
    1) All the cars(ninco digital) will record correct lap times and count when run individually. However with multiple of cars not all show on the control tower and or laps are not recorded and show the wrong leader information. The control tower does seem to be talking to the ninco console and shows what is on it,so the problem is not with the control tower. I clean the track and braids with inox and have tried ninco booster cables but the problem still exists. I have tried reprograming the cars before the race and that doesn't help. I've tried different channel combinations, that didn't work. I have a couple of cars that information is correct. Is the problem with the console or a chip problem?
    2) occasionly I get accidental lane changes. These occur randomly and sometimes happen twice in a row. Again, chip problem? thanks for your help,steve

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    Lots of possibilities here.

    First, all cars must cross the start/finish line at the beginning of a race within [about] four (4) seconds of the first car or they will not be included in the race. The only indication that you get is that they don't record laps or times, even though they run.

    I have seen some car/chip combinations that will intermittently not record the ID for a race if they start too close to the S/F line (ND console track). I recommend at least one half straight section between the console track and the first start grid track. You can test your problem cars by starting them farther back in multi-car races.

    The N-Digital console track section and the preceding and following track sections must be absolutely level.

    If you have not already, remove the Control Tower and test without it to reduce the number of variables. When connected, make sure that the Control Tower plug is properly seated in the console jack and that the plug has no loose wire connections. These mini-stereo plugs ae known for problems.

    By "different channel combinations" are you referring to controller/port combinations? Definitely try to determine if the problems follow a specific ND port or controller.

    Clean the controller connector plugs and ND console port jacks with a Q-tip and 90% alcohol or lubricant-free electrical contact cleaner.

    Treating with INOX is good, but don't overdo it. Booster cables are also very good for N-Digital. They improve the data signal, not necessarily power distribution. Try crimping the female end of the rail joints slightly to insure good contact. Decoder chip problems are possible but highly unlikely, especially with multiple chips. Apart from a console problem, missed laps and spurious lane changes are always the result of a poor data signal on the rails. This, in turn, is due to dirty rails/dead strips, oxidation, poor electrical contact, etc. Not inferring anything, just giving you things to look for.

    This is a start. Keep us updated...

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      Lap counting problems

      Thanks for your suggestions Michael. I know about the 4 second rule at the start of the race. I tried a new location for control tower but no change. Sometimes it will record a wrong time like a 1 sec. lap. I'm starting to think I have a defective console. Steve


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        A few other things to check -

        1) It is important that you use the ProRace Suspension Guide (if possible) and the ProRace Braid on all your cars. It is really important that each eyelet is a tight fit with the guide.

        2) Be sure to adjust the braid by pushing the rear of the braid slightly toward the front of the car while it is against the guide. This will make the braid slightly shorter but wider, which provides better contact with the rails. It is also good to adjust the braid so it is slightly curved down toward the rails, causing it to firmly contact the rails. You can check to see if the braid is correctly adjusted by placing the car on a piece of track to see if the braid matches the rail and makes contact to the rail with the full length of the braid.

        3) If any of your cars have lights, be sure that you are only using the light output of the N-Digital decoder chip to power the lights.

        4) Which cars are you using on your track?

        Best regards,


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          lap counting problems

          Hi Brian - yes I use prorace guides and braids on all my cars. The cars run flawlessly. I have 3 Audi R8 Spyders, Ford GT, Mercedes, 2 Corvettes all digital from Ninco, plus a few Scaley F1's that I digitized myself. All the braids are adjusted as you suggested. When I run any car solo the lap count and timing is accurate. However when racing with one or more cars the information is not correct. Laps are not counted and I'll even get a 1sec lap time. I'm also getting accidental lane changes that usually occur in pairs. I've spoken with MRC and they are kindly going to change out the power console. thanks,steve


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            Thanks for the information. Here are a few more things you may want to check just to rule out other possible causes of the problem that you are experiencing.

            1) When using other than NINCO brand slot cars with N-Digital it is important to remove any electrical components that come with the original car that connect the (+) and (-) guide and motor wires together such as an electrical choke.

            2) When using other than NINCO brand slot cars with N-Digital that come with lights it is important to isolate the light circuit from the rest of the car and power the lights with the two light outputs of the N-Digital decoder chip.

            3) Be sure to only program one car to each controller port. If two cars are programmed to the same controller port, then you will get double the lap count for the car number associated to that controller.

            Best regards,
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              Lap Counting

              Hi Brian - all the cars are digital from Ninco, no chokes, no lights. One question, I assume you can reprogram cars from one port to another mutiple times? So a car 2 can be reprogramed to car 3 etc. without causing problems? thanks,steve