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    The instructions in the box state that an analog transformer can be used


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      When MRC first brought WICO to the USA, they discovered the power base would blow with the US analog transformer since it's unregulated and goes over 16 volts no load. I think the WICO powerbase can only handle 15 volts or less. The solution to this issue was that NINCO shipped all WICO products to the US with the regulated N-Digital transformer which was shrink wrapped to the WICO conversion kit box and included within the WICO race set box. The instructions didn't get updated at least with the inital shipment of WICO products to the US.

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        "the regulated N-Digital transformer"

        As Brian stated this is ONLY transformer to use with WICO period.

        I have been using this system since switching from digital to wireless and find it usually reliable. I actually used the N-Digital power supply as it's regulated !!

        Having said that I did have one "track base" fail by a dead short some where, I never found actually what caused the short. My best GUESS was that an AW motor too close to the rails (in Ninco rails are a little higher) shorted out the system, got the dreaded smell and all stop working. I took the base apart and sure enough there was black burnout area.

        I replaced the base unit and to this day no further problems HOWEVER all cars before they are run get a small strip of black electrical tape across the underside of the motor. I just wish Ninco had "short" protection in the system as they did in the digital system, as when a problem would occur system would shut down and a re-start put it back in order no failure like a DEAD Short.

        I hope this helps someone !!!