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    Hello Everyone,

    I am setting up a 2 lane Ninco layout that will have a lap length of less than 60 feet. It will fit on a 5' x 12' table. Most of the racing will be against the clock. My question to all of you is which of the following two schemes for track power will work out best. Scheme 1. Is to cut the cord from one of my several Ninco power supplies and attach the bare wire ends to my Trackmate 10 amp, adjustable voltage power supply and then to use the plug end to supply the Ninco power track. I would be using the older red Ninco power track that uses the 3.5mm plugs for the controllers. Scheme 2, Is to solder wires directly to the rails of two straight tracks, then use them along with my Trakmate power supply and Trakmate driver's stations. With this scheme I would not put the Ninco power track in the layout. I am leaning towards scheme 2, because it would give me two power taps, with the ability to add more as needed, and it would give me a larger amount of controller connection options.

    Any thoughts or feedback would be welcomed. Happy Racing.

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    The Ninco power track (base) has limited current handling capability which is why the supplied transformer is rated at less than 1 amp (700ma). Your 10 amp power supply coupled with even momentary several amp draw over time will cause it to fail. Therefore, I would go with direct wiring and driver stations.



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      I agree scheme 2 would be better.

      That power supply can put 10 amps into one lane, if you are using stock Ninco cars that's a lot more than you need. That's no problem in normal use, motors just take what they need. BUT if the track gets a short cuircuit there's a risk of problems.
      It would by wise to put a fuse in the feed to each lane - 3 amps should be about right unless you are going for some high powered motors.


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        Thank you for the responses. I will go with scheme 2. It just seems like the most solid and bulletproof setup for both now and later.


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          Final solution?

          Hi what did you end up doing?