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Any news on Ninco's return to slot car sets?

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  • Any news on Ninco's return to slot car sets?

    I have been reading through older posts on this forum as well as another forum, to catch up on what i have missed the past few years. I put the track and cars in storage and took a break.

    I read somewhere back in a 2015 post I believe, that Ninco was moving their production from China back to Spain. Just wondering if there has been any new developments that someone could share about this? Am hoping this wasn't just speculation but based on some factual news from NINCO themselves.

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    Ninco in terms of slot cars seem to be doing 1/43 and some lexan bodied 132 cars on the universal chassis they announced a few years back. It seems the 1/32 moulds for cars are unlikely to be released again - I heard that the moulds aren't in a useable condition and given they had moved towards RC products it seems unlikely they will invest in new moulds. Add to this SCX has an issue with licensing or such which means we may not see any SCX cars anytime soon - not good for the slot hobby -


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      From their web page:

      New 1:32 slot cars by Ninco. A thermos formed body clipped on the universal Ninco Chassis, providing a very low center of gravity. Faster and lighter cars with easily exchangeable body shells.


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        I'm sure they'll be great. ;-)


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          Looking Good!


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            yebut.....remember what some clubs say about vac form bodies?


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              I am torn I can't decide between the new Ninco RS01 and one offered by SCX .... it is a tough decision on one hand you have a fine looking replica of the actual race car with quality paint and decals and on the other hand you have the Ninco one.

              The weird part is they will probably both end up costing the same....

              mind you if they end up being available for bargain prices I will probably grab 3 to have as house cars - as they will most likely be fairly kid proof...
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                Well at least SCX has an interior..


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                  What did happen to ninco they had or have a Excellent product. Run ninco track and ninco products never had any issues with there slot car products. Seams like they just don't like slot cars any more. No love