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DP,S and Ferrari 250

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  • DP,S and Ferrari 250

    Have both DP,s(Daytona Prototypes)(Fly ,Racer sideways) But prefer the Racer sideways
    as it has the same setup as slot-it and is easier to tune
    Also have a Prepainted kit of the Ferrari 250 that i am still working on
    It may be a bit out of scale but it is shure a sweet looking car(250)
    Its not hard to recommend any of there products!!!

    Verne - reel55
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    Well said! I have several of the Daytona Prototypes and am eagerly awaiting the new releases.
    They all perform well and the price point is very reasonable all things considered. I would love to see Racer expand into other series that are currently unavailable from other manufacturers.


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      Recent DPs have been better constructed than some of a year or so ago which needed to be reassembled to take care of the production glitches and that is a big plus. I also prefer them over the Fly cars and have probably every one they've produced, though the Fly cars are fun as well.

      Regarding the 250, as nice as they look, I'll save my money for the mortgage and buy the Fly version, which, with a can of clear gloss can look almost as good.



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        Does anyone have an idea where the proper wheels and inserts can be purchased for the DP cars?
        Ray M.