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Ferrari 250 GTO - Silver Series

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  • Ferrari 250 GTO - Silver Series

    I took a chance on one of these Racer Ferrari, part of the 'Silver' Series, turned out to be a beautiful car that runs like a

    Just wanted to share a few pics of this car from 1964 - Daytona (Perkins & Eve)

    Wheels are worth the price of admission

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    That is a nice looking car, the closest I've come to buying one so far is a couple of sets of the racer wire wheels for "another brands" version of the 250 GTO so at least I can say yes the wheels are worth the price of admission. Nice to hear they run well too although I prefer mine toned down a bit as I get older!!


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      I also got the same car and in comparison to the other Racer's I have, this car is faster, quieter and just as detailed as it's more expensive brothers. It is one beautiful well made and running car.

      I may get the Racer Toyota 2000GT just to compare the models in the Silver line series.