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Sideways Lancia Guide issue

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  • Sideways Lancia Guide issue

    I have a question about the latest Lancia Beta Monte Carlo but first I just want to say how impressed I am with this model. It looks way better in person than any photo that I have seen of it and it performs very well right out of the box. I really appreciate the inovative pod design and while it's not perfect it is an excellent first shot at a design that can only get better with time.

    My problem is with the guide flag. It keeps popping out when the car is pushed hard. Not so hard that it flying off the track but hard enough to get the back end to step out in the corners. No I am not sliding the car so much that the guide hits the stops. After 4 or 5 laps it just pops out of its own accord or so it seems. I have tried to spread the split pivot a bit so that it applies more pressure on the guide socket but that didn't seem to help.

    Has anyone else had this problem? I am wondering if I should replace the gude with a screw mount type which i am sure will fix the problem but just wondering if I am alone in this.


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    the only way i could see this happening was if the car was rolling in the corners. i believe that these cars have adjustable front axle height - how is yours set up? i'd adjust the lower set screws so that the front tires are barely touching the track when the car is on a set up block, and the upper set screws so that the axle has minimal ability to rock up and down. then the front end will act like a pontoon and stop the car from rolling, which should stop the guide from popping out. you might also want to adjust the lead wires to make sure they have just enough movement to allow the guide to move properly from side to side, but are tight enough so that the guide is self centering.

    i have cars that have nothing keeping the guide from popping out (like a set screw guide without a set screw installed). using the above, i've never had one pop out even in the event of a crash.


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      Thanks for the tip Boop, I'l check that out.


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        Does the racer flag have provisions to install a set screw in the guide post


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          Originally posted by Slot_it_Bob View Post
          Does the racer flag have provisions to install a set screw in the guide post
          I guess you could do that, it has a split post on the guide and you could probably insert a set screw and that would certainly prevent the guide from popping out.

          Boopie, I did try to adjust the front axle as you prescribed but it didn't really help.

          I did figure out why the guide kept popping out though. Because the car came with quite a deep guide (I think it might be a SICH66) it was bottoming on the slot of my Scaley Sport track at times and every once in a while the guide would get caught on a uneven joint in the bottom of the track slot. When this happened the guide would stop and the car would want to keep going resulting in the guide getting ripped out of the chassis. What I did was to take a pair of snips and used them to cut a very small angle on the leading edge of the guide flag so it would just force the guide up a bit to allow it to pass over the raised joint.

          It just took a careful bit of observation.

          Thanks for the help guys.