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  • 1/24 home set cars

    anyone try these on a Carrera layout? Do aftermarket silicone/urethane rears that fit on the aluminum wheels fit on the plastic wheels?
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    Never knew these existed. I may have missed it but you’d think this is info you’d want to share. I’m anxious to hear how they perform.


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      At a guess, the only issue that might come up would be guide flag depth, as the Scaleauto cars would typically be run on a routed club track or similar. Easy enough to modify or replace a part like that.


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        Is there a review on these cars? You'd think if it were new, there'd be a lot of come look at me info on them.


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          Scaleauto Viper SC-7066HS $79.99

          20190313_114240-01.jpeg 20190313_114217-01.jpeg 20190313_114224-01.jpeg 20190313_114232-01.jpeg

          OK a review of sorts.
          We have the Home Series 1:24 cars in stock $79.99
          Great value for home and club racers. Easily converted to Carrera Digital.
          You can change to a more robust and deeper guide.
          I built one using the SC-16O3 or SC-1604 type Scaleauto guides. I used the SC -1603 which is the deeper guide which is great for Wood Tracks and probably Carrera as well. If running on Carrera Digital I recomment changing the profile of the front of the guide as the submarine type guides may get stuck in the lane changers.
          Running stock except the rear wheels were switched for Scaleauto sponge tires. The Viper I tested is about 3/10 slower than our race cars with the Scaleauto metal chassis ( $159.99 plus ) with sponge tires all round and a 25,000 rpm motor.

          So not bad for a car with a 22,000 rpm motor ( SC-0026 ) and geared 12:42 with a nylon pinion.

          The test car did have added front grub screws to set ride height and a Carrera Digital chip as also testing on Carrera Digital 24.

          So fun, great value, easy to mount other bodies with their additional mounting kit.

          Will add more as soon as I can but check them out at :

          The rear wheels on this car are worn out they were taken off a Race Viper so I could quickly test. Even with very small rear tires this car ran strong. The inserts can be removed from the plastic wheels to fit in SC-2421 rear tires if so required. You can also fit SC-4043 alloy wheels and then fit rubber or other tires of your choice for your track.

          Front axle height was set up with 2mm grub screws which screw in top and bottom of the chassis like on the 1:32 scale cars.

          There is also a complete tuning system for these cars. They can be adjusted for different tracks, grip levels and different bodies including Model Kits.

          NASCAR anyone!!!
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          Alan Smith
          SCI Owner.



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            We have way more in stock than shown right now.

            With the Hosting issues and other SCI problems plus our Store Site being crashed as well last October and now on a New Server we are playing catch up.
            Plus with the Magnet Marshal 2 hitting the market a few weeks ago I am buried in orders.

            Also rebuilding SCI.

            Call if you have questions on the Home Series 1:24 line great value and a rolling chassis for converting model kits will be listed soon.


            All I need is time.

            Alan Smith
            SCI Owner.