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A Great New line for Scaleracing.

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  • A Great New line for Scaleracing.

    We are finally getting all the Scaleauto Inventory loaded into the Warehouse computers and shipping out first orders to Dealers.

    The Scaleauto line is a very full Catalog of 1/32 and 1/24 scale products, we are excited to get these items into Stores and Race Tracks across North America.

    We will carry the complete line from 1.5 mm pinions to the 1/24 and 1/32 scale cars, and everything in between.

    More News soon.
    Alan Smith
    SCI Owner.


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    I was just bashing around the 132Slotcar site, and that's a remarkable range of product from Scaleauto!


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      1.5mm pinions for slim cans, sized for a press fit on the shaft. Great stuff for the slim can fans, including VRAA entrants (BWA slim cans mandatory in that series).

      I have a complete list of old vs. new Scaleauto motor specs on my site (they changed last year, but the part numbers stayed the same), so here is a link and the content:

      Scaleauto SC04 “red” (FK-180) 29,000 RPM/12v
      360 gcm/12v, 26.1W/12v
      Scaleauto SC04 new version "red" (FK-180) 33,000 RPM/12v
      360 gcm/12v, 29.7W
      Scaleauto SC05 “red” (FK-130) 30,000 RPM/12v
      280 gcm/12v, 21.0W/12v
      Scaleauto SC05 new version "red" (FK-130) 38,000 RPM/12v
      280 gcm/12v, 26.6W
      Scaleauto/MRRC SC06 “red” (FC-130) 28,000 RPM/12v, tested 29,000-34,268 RPM/12v
      180 gcm/12v, 12.6W/12v
      Scaleauto SC06 new version "red" (FC-130) 30,000 RPM/12v
      160 gcm/12v, 12W/12v
      Scaleauto SC07 “red” (FC-130) 35,000 RPM/12v
      190 gcm/12v, 16.6W/12v
      Scaleauto SC07 new version "red" (FC-130) 36,000 RPM/12v
      190 gcm/12v, 17.1W/12v
      Scaleauto SC08 Tech-1 “silver” (FC-130) 19,900 RPM/12v
      80 gcm/12v, 4.0W/12v
      Scaleauto SC08 new version Tech-1 "silver" (FC-130) 20,000 RPM/12v, tested 24,636 RPM/12v
      170 gcm/12v, 8.5W/12v, tested 174 gcm/12v, tested 10.7W/12v
      Scaleauto SC09 Tech-2 “yellow” (FC-130) 25,000 RPM/12v
      90 gcm/12v, 5.6W/12v
      Scaleauto new version Tech-1 "yellow" (FC-130) 25,000 RPM/12v
      170 gcm/12v, 10.6W/12v
      Scaleauto SC10 Tech-3 “black” (FC-130) 29,900 RPM/12v
      100 gcm/12v, 7.5W/12v
      Scaleauto SC10 new version Tech-3 "black" (FC-130) 30,000 RPM/12v
      185 gcm/12v, 9.3W/12v
      Scaleauto SC11 Tech-1 “silver” (FK-180) 20,000 RPM/12v
      180 gcm/12v, 9.0W/12v
      Scaeauto SC11 new version Tech-1 "silver" (FK-180) 20,000 RPM/12v
      260 gcm/12v, 13.0W/12v
      Scaleauto SC12 Tech-2 “yellow” (FK-180) 25,000 RPM/12v
      200 gcm/12v, 12.5W/12v
      Scaleauto SC12 new version Tech-2 "yellow" (FK-180) 25,000 RPM/12v
      280 gcm/12v, 17.5W/12v
      Scaleauto SC13 Tech-3 “black” (FK-180) 29,900 RPM/12v
      220 gcm/12v, 16.4W/12v
      Scaleauto SC13 new version Tech-3 "black" (FK-180) 30,000 RPM/12v
      330 gcm/12v, 24.8W/12v
      Scaleauto SC14 Tech-1 “silver” (FK-130) 20,000 RPM/12v
      220 gcm/12v, 11.0W/12v
      Scaleauto SC14 new version Tech-1 "silver" (FK-130) 20,000 RPM/12v
      170 gcm/12v, 8.5W/12v
      Scaleauto SC15 Tech-2 “yellow” (FK-130) 25,000 RPM/12v
      230 gcm/12v, 14.4W/12v
      Scaleauto SC16 Tech-3 “black” (FK-130) 30,000 RPM/12v
      260 gcm/12v, 19.5W/12v

      Scaleauto SC17 Tech-1 "silver" (FF-050) 20,000 RPM/12v; tested 21,124-21,405 RPM/12v
      70 gcm/12v, tested 108 gcm/12v, 3.5W/12v, tested 5.7W/12v
      Scaleauto SC18 Tech-2 "yellow" (FF-050) 25,000 RPM/12v, tested 25,681-26,108 RPM/12v
      90 gcm/12v, 5.6W/12, tested 117-122 gcm/12v, tested 7.7W/12v
      Scaleauto SC19 Tech-3 "black" (FF-050) 30,000 RPM/12v, tested 31,417-31,561 RPM/12v
      100 gcm/12v, tested 154-157 gcm/12v, 7.5W/12v, tested 12.1-12.3W/12v
      Scaleauto SC22 Outlaw "red" (FF-050) 38,000 RPM/12v, tested 39,056 RPM/12v
      120 gcm/12v, tested 157 gcm/12v; 11.4W/12v, tested 15.3W/12v
      Scaleauto SC23 Home Set "white" (FF-050) 10,000 RPM/12v; tested 10,344 RPM/12v
      45 gcm/12v, 1.1W/12v

      Scaleauto SC24 Home Set "white" (FC-130) 10,000 RPM/12v; tested 10,203 RPM/12v
      100 gcm/12v, 2.5W/12v
      Scaleauto SC20 Ball Bearing "blue" (FC-130) 20,000 RPM/12v; tested 23,147-24,351 RPM/12v
      170 gcm/12v; tested 151 gcm/12v, tested 8.7W/12v
      Scaleauto SC21 Ball Bearing "blue" (FK-180) 20,000 RPM/12v; tested 21,669 RPM/12v
      250 gcm/12v; tested 294 gcm/12v, tested 15.9W/12v


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        Thank you

        For the valuable content posted here in the Scaleauto section of SCI.
        Alan Smith
        SCI Owner.



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          Since the 1963 I've been scratch building and racing authentic appearing 1/24th cars at clubs, MESAC in the Ď60ís, Pelican Park Speedway, today. I am keenly aware of slot car trends over time.

          I received the SC-7005 Porsche 911 RSR white kit today. The 1/24th ScaleAuto business is really a nifty, superior package. While rarely have I used manufactured chassis, the Scaleauto chassis in design and construction is head and shoulders above other "commercial" or RTR chassis as is the body, of course. I really am impressed with the slick magazine like brochure accompanying the kit- classy!

          While 1/32 offerings far and wide exceed the production of 1/24th, I am pleased that manufacturers are increasing 1/24th variety, particularly producing contemporary race cars such as ScaleAuto's 911 and the soon to be released BMW. I hope that ScaleAuto and other manufacturers will increase similar 1/24th offerings. Iím particularly interested to see a contemporary enclosed car le Mans prototype ala Peugeot 908 or Daytona Prototype ala Riley.

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