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Is there a new Radical 9 "Pro" car?

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  • Is there a new Radical 9 "Pro" car?

    Hi there,

    Last night at our race here in NJ I was showing off my two Radical 9's. Mind you they are still in the box. I was saying that one will be pretty much stock and the other one will have the new SA pod once they come out, wheels, etc. Basically it will be and SCX LMP pro killer...

    At that A couple of gentlemen told me that overseas they have come out with a "Pro" version of this car already. Well hearing that I sold one of the cars last night in hopes that I would find it on the internet somewhere. However, I still have not been able to find anything about this.

    Has anyone heard about this or was it a ploy to get me to sell one of them

    BTW our first race of the evening was the Modern Era GT1 which I raced my SA Toyota and preceded to kick the stuffing out of the Slot its


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    There's a car available with the aftermarket anglewinder chassis, flat6 motor and aluminum rims already assembled. Nothing special, you can do that yourself by buying the parts at your local reseller and assemble it yourself. That would save you some serious money since the price of that car is 105 euro. There's also a yellow LE on the market and a black and red one (sc-6006 and sc6009) are announced.


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      LowlandsRider: Do you have a part number for that car with the anglewinder flat 6 motor and aluminum rims in the box?


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        It is basically what I have already done. Although, I originally started with an offset anglewinder pod, it changed to a non-offset anglewinder pod because of my 15 inch rims. I aso use Slot Car Corner pod bolts.

        I had thought about the Slot.It Spring suspnesion, but am leaning towards the MB slot spring suspension.