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  • 1/32 Mercedes

    #1; for $69 & the concept of a premium car w/ performance parts, this car is about 50% over-priced

    I race w/out magnets, so I am prepared to do a lot of work to a car to get it the way I want it. I want a good starting point. A good looking car that has potential to run well. This car is supposed to be that.

    #2; Plastic press-on wheels on axles that have replaceable gears on them? This is just stupid. Yeah, you can QC the dickens out of the wheel production so you get consistently round, concentric wheels, & Scaleauto seems to have done this. Except, one of the wheels on mine was obviously pushed on wrong & CA glued on (CA blush evident) & it still wasn't on concentrically.

    #3; The tires are awful on this car.

    #4; The set screws on the gears are driven on so tightly that they cut into the axle, making it impossible to remove the axle from the bushings.
    #5; This is further infuriating by the fact that you can't take out the magnets without removing the motor which you can't do unless you cut the axle so you can get it out of your way to get to the motor mount screws.

    #6; the front axle set-up is mocking NSR's w/ "collars" spacing the wheels away from the chassis. Except the collars are very close to the diameter of the axle "hoop", allowing them to jam. Also, the hoop isn't molded larger than 3/32", also causing the front set-up to not spin freely.

    #7; There are 8 pints on this chassis for set-screws, front axle adjustment & chassis float. These screws are not included & the holes are very tight. So tight, in fact, that even gently driving in & backing out a set-screw for the front axle, the force snapped the tip of my driver off in the set-screw. Of course, the set-screw is not protruding from either the top or bottom so there is no way for me to extract it from the chassis.

    Now I have a body & a 23k motor. The rest of the car is trash. i don't want the 23k motor, so I'll sell it. I want the body, that is the main reason I bought the car. I strongly resent paying $70 for a body. (I'll have to replace the motor, so that's a wash)

    Before the chorus of "take it back to the dealer", I discovered most of these issues @ the shop; but being a no-mag tuner, I'm prepared for some of this. I can fix or modify most of the nonsense that the mfr's shortcomings present to us. I just want a new chassis.
    The straw that broke the camel's back is when the car broke a tool. I will pre-bore the set-screw holes next time.

    I think that the biggest disappointment is that the Radical, while having many of the same issues, ran great out-of-the-box, & didn't put up such a fight when I wanted to change the motor & gears.
    I have 3 MSC cars which seem to use Scaleauto parts & they all run pretty well. One has new wheels, but not because they stock one were bad, I just wanted to change to a more reasonable motor & while I was at it, I upped the wheels' OD.

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    Well, Les @ Main Line said, let's just swap it out, so here goes round 2


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      100% happy to do what it takes to make you happy.

      Happy to replace the chassis for you, happy to do whatever you feel I need to to make it right.

      Regarding the price $69.99 is a fair price for this car, prices are rising even in China. I do not expect to see many boutique brand cars under this price point going forward. Regarding metal rear wheels they were spec'd and Scaleauto assure me the next cars will have them.

      Regarding tires, the tires are for NINCO track and we have found they work great there.

      Regarding the spacers on the front axle I will check into that, and advise the Factory if I see the same problems.

      I have not had any complaints on the Mercedes but I understand you are having problems with your.

      Regarding the screws they come with the axle height adjustment screws right? I lubricate the chassis hole and carefully thread in the screws, doing that I have not had a problem. Wind them in too quick and they will stick, but again I will check the latest cars, and see I something has changed.

      This car also comes with holes to set up body position in the chassis and no those screws do not come with the car. It also comes angle winder capable but like the extra screw adjustment they are considered add ons.

      Regarding the axles I have see some of the axles being used below the spec I would like to see. I will discuss this with Scaleauto as I agree the axles need to be good enough to allow the grub screws to tighten without damaging the axle. Personally I flat spot the axles which helps avoid this problem, but I fully understand if the axle is damaged you can not get the gear off.

      I sincerely appreciate the feed back good or bad, and will replace what ever is needed to make you happy.

      Alan Smith
      SCI Owner.



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        my car was "made on a Monday", obviously; but there are some real issues that they need to address. No's 3, 4, & 5 are real & should be dealt w/.
        The tires on mine were reminiscent of Team Slot or SCX of years ago; lumpy & mold marks whilst not fitting the wheel snugly.

        I just saw the Zonda & it has aluminum rears(good), & no spacer collars up front(good).

        Yes, $70 is a realistic range, I buy Ninco Lightning's & gut them, but I'm getting pretty good wheels & the car is AW w/ decent gears. The stock tires are pretty good as well.

        I'm just saying that Scaleauto has a long way to go before they are a threat to & NSR, or even Ninco.

        Anyway, gonna get to work on the new chassis.


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          I checked out a car I have here.

          This is what I found.

          From the factory they are gluing on the front and rear wheels, problem on the front, they are getting glue on the spacers, and on the chassis uprights. Also they filled the axle hole in the hub so the axle would not go on far enough to be central. so the front wheel ran way out of true.

          By cleaning off the glue from the axle, and the chassis uprights plus drilling out the glue in the wheel hubs I now have true running front wheels.

          Now to the rear, the axle is too soft to use grub screws, plus too short to fit the wheels on to the axle deep enough to have the wheels rotate on center. The hubs on the rear were again filled up with glue by cleaning out the hub I could again get the wheels to run true on the axle, but the wheels would be way too far in due to the too short rear axle.

          Anyone wanting me to service/repair their car please contact me at 1-253-255-1807.

          I am withdrawing this car from sale, until I can service everyone of them to an acceptable standard. The example I checked is not acceptable to me, seems like it is similar to Martini 917's car.

          I said before, and I will repeat I stand behind all the product I sell 100%.

          Call anytime if you have problems or questions.
          I am sorry I released these into the US Market, the first one I looked at was OK, but this one is not acceptable.

          Alan Smith
          SCI Owner.



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            You know how Avant Slot has the "Dani Orozco" Porsche Spyder at a premium price? These soon to be released Scaleauto Mercedes and Zonda's hand assembled by Alan Smith will be a steal at the price of $69.99


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              These soon to be released Scaleauto Mercedes and Zonda's hand assembled by Alan Smith will be a steal at the price of $69.99
              Hey that was quite clever! Even if he is left handed.

              With the amount of time he devotes to this hobby, it makes you wonder how he spends the rest!


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                Originally posted by martini917k View Post
                I just saw the Zonda & it has aluminum rears(good), & no spacer collars up front(good).

                at Scaleauto has a long way to go before they are a threat to & NSR, or even Ninco.

                I am preparing a Scaleauto Zonda for an endurance race and its a blast. Great car all around and comes with alu wheels in the back. Tuning is easy and very satisfying but requires a bit more spending than a 100$ NSR. I changed a few parts for ( offset anglewinder motor pod, a 25K black boxer motor) and an NSR guide and tires. The zero grip front tires from scaleauto are the best! Motors are also very good.

                When you do the math, it's similar in price as a 100$ NSR, but its faster than any of the NSR'S I have and twice the fun.

                As for the Mercedes, I ordered last week just the chassis and the body from criccrac (Playboy livery) since I knew I would probably change wheels anyways.

                I can't wait for the next generation of Scaleauto cars like the Honda and the Z4. They will have a new chassis that looks very promising. Hopefully they can push NSR to the next level!


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                  Interesting reading, I have a Mercedes and I am happy with the way it runs out of the box, I think it is good value. I will need to look up instructions on how to set it up, there are lots of options. I find it a little taily but nothing that isn't fixable.

                  "#3; The tires are awful on this car."

                  I don't know if it was Scaleauto - but I recall reading something written by a manufacturer's rep which said - tyres with logos on them are for show not racing. It seems most folks in Europe change the tyres on cars straight away. Myself I would prefer they gave you a decent set of race tyres and let you buy a set of show tyres if you wanted them.


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                    About the tires, they were not good in my car too. And yes, I run on Ninco and the stock tires of the Mercedes are nowhere near other Scaleuto tires (ie those on the latest GT1). Scaleauto has a new type of tire they call 'spirits' that must be of equal size and compound with the Spirit 303 rubber which is basically one of the very best choices for Ninco track.
                    Apart from this, my car has an out of round front wheel, rears are ok though, and I stripped the gear (my mistake though, not setting the mesh correctly). Changed tires, a crown gear and added a spring suspension in the rear and the car is very good on Ninco track. Possibly one of the best inline GTs I have. And that's with plastic rear hubs.


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                      Well, she's all back together & should be a good runner. SCC LMP wheels, SI AW pod w/ NC-5 @ 12/29, Sloting+ racing guide w/ SCX Pro Braid, other bits & gew-gaws as well; Weeds night Scalex testing, Thurs., wood.

                      Alan; in the process of swapping chassis' @ MLH, we noticed that this car was assembled differently than the previous edition, seems that's what you found as well. Maybe they rushed it through to get to the Zonda? Which I will be getting as long as they come in another color....


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                        I am curious...
                        Unless there are rules that prohibit it, why would one change the stock motor? It's powerful enough, on the edge of being too powerful for non mag racing, but still driveable with the correct gearing. In case you run on a track with steel rails or magnabraid, it generates a decent amount of downforce too. So...?


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                          there is only one track in my area that can handle that much motor. most of us in the area run on tracks w/ 16' - 20' straights; we use motors in the 18k - 20k range most of the time.


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                            Scaleauto Mercedes SC-6023

                            We have seen problems on the assembly on this car. If you purchased one please contact me so we can help resolve the issues found.

                            Right now this car is being withdrawn from sale until the stock can be re-worked.

                            The issues are to do with below acceptable standard of assembly in the factory. The car once assembled correctly is a great car BUT I cannot put product into the Market in this condition. I apologize to all who received these cars, please contact me to resolve these issues.

                            Once correctly assembled we will re issue the cars into the Market again. This does not affect the other versions of the Mercedes.
                            Last edited by Scaleracing; 11-13-2012, 10:17 AM.
                            Alan Smith
                            SCI Owner.



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                              I have one of the earlier Silver cars (#238?) and with just a change of tires and some chassis adjustment is one of my quickest GT cars. It runs right with the AW NSRs and Ninco Lightnings even with the plastic wheels! And my track has only about a 12ft straight, so it isn't power.