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    Well, she got a good shakedown tonight. Wood track where NSR 'vettes pull 6.6's the Benz was just a couple tenths off. A little tuning & she's a rocket. Very point & shoot, a ton of brakes w/ very little shudder. Tried S2's & some of the new Sideways tires. Gonna try some lighter wheels & a little wider track.
    The chassis I swapped out came from a silver one & there were some differences, the guys I know w/ the white ones don't have these issues either.


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      Mine is the 738 silver car. You can read about what I did with my car below:

      After recently acquiring the new Scaleuto Mercedes SLS, I decided to see how it would perform under racing conditions and how it would fare against some immediate competition.

      Test track is a 2lane Ninco technical layout, with a mix of most kind of curves (R1 to R4, no R5 yet) and a 12V 5amp power supply. Fastest lap is 7.31, held by an AW Slot it Nissan on a very high traction summer day, but generally the fastest car under equal conditions, is the MB Pagani Zonda closely followed by the Spirit Peugeot 406 Silhouette, the Avant Slot Pescarolo and Peugeot 908, the NSR Mosler, and the Slot its, Nissan R390, Mclaren GTR and Ferrari F40, all run around 7.5-7.6 any day. All GT cars are AW and AS LMPs are Inline, all use Spirit 303 rubber expect the Mosler than runs on Scaleauto R 20x12, motors are MB songNa and Slotit Boxer2 in AW, and Avant Slot orange Hurricane in the LMPs. Anything that runs near or below 7.7, is seriously fast.
      The car was first tested on original configuration. Not very good, front tires were planted on track despite the front axle being setup as high as possible. Rear stock tires were not the best choice for Ninco (why not use the R-compound that can be found in the GT1?) so the rear end was a bit happy. Fastest lap was 9+
      Switched to low profile front tires and some trued Spirit 303 rears. Loose pod and body. Lap times immediately down to 8.3s without much effort. Added a couple of soft springs at the back (a setup that seems to work on the layouts of the Ninco tracks we use here), front screws 1/4 off, and tested again. Times improved again, it finally settled down to 8.03. Ratio was the stock 9/27 which was good for my track, although the motor is a bit wild. Overall tire diameter was 18.9mm and magnetic downforce was 26gr.
      Then I tried with a 1.0mm offset AW pod, and 11/28 gearing. Needed to use a pair of new tires, which I trued round and treated the same way. The car was too fast for my track now and rather difficult to drive. It clocked one lap below 8s (at 7.985s) but it had a few offs. It was harder to drive. Tires were around 20mm and magnetic downforce was 32gr.
      Same day, a Mosler was at 7.6, a stock Scaleauto GT1 was at 7.98, my NSR Corvette with stock motor, stock wheels and tires, soft suspension and 12/34 gearing was at 8.0 with some effort, and a similarly setup NSR Porsche 997 was at 8.1s. A fine set of closely matched cars that would easily provide close racing under most conditions.
      Will work more on these GT racers in the future, after the addition of the NSR Audi R8.
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