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Nj scale racing november race rusilts

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  • Nj scale racing november race rusilts

    Who won?

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    yea...where is the video feed???

    I was expecting online commentary and live video feed. Controller in one hand and text live in the other...comeon man! This is the age of instant information!



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      Me too!


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        November race results

        sorry no video, you have to bug Carl to start recording again, and to post a link to youtube...... pix will be posted on The Race Place website along with some race results.

        so here are the (much anticipated) results of the November NJ SCALE Racing race at The Race Place, Farmingdale, NJ (home of the 2012 wood track SCALE finals):

        1) Martin Dixon 266 laps 6.758075 green lane***fast lap time winner****
        2) Aaron Moore 264 laps 6.859480 purple lane
        3) Robert Holt 256 laps 6.922035 purple lane
        4)Glenn Orban 254 laps 7.187567 green lane
        5) Dan McCullom 254 laps 7.186840 green lane
        6) Andre Harris 245 laps 7.187258 yellow lane
        7) Carl Bergen 235 laps 7.030464 yellow lane

        As you can see, the Scaleauto cars are extremely closely matched, so race results as based on how many/few deslots a racer has. Once you get "in the groove" with these cars (i can already hear Rob Holt's comments ) you can post serious lap results. Congrats to Martin Dixon who won both races ( Scaleauto and BRM) as well as the fast lap winner in both races.

        Robert Holt had better results than he did in the BRM race, proving that he is a consistant podium finisher (as long as his cars cooperate ). Carl had a bit of car trouble in this race, having gone through his main car and his back-up car, then borrowing my Porsche.....which had my heart pounding off my chest, as he had jumped lanes several times, with track calls as my Porsche was heading full throttle into one of the hairpins . I don't think i could go through that ever again.......... i chose to race my Jaguar. The Jag is the biggest, longest of the Scaleauto line, and now it has been nicknamed the Cadillac. Well this big 'ole Caddy is on the heels of those quick little Porsches, they better keep one eye on their rear view mirrors next race ! And just as in the BRM race, Andre and Dan had great showings, and we can count on them to continue to improve with each race.

        Next month's race will be again held at The Race Place in Farmingdale, NJ on Saturday Dec 15. See you at the races


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          so.i post results here and on the BRM forum ...and i got more requests for the results than i have replies!!!
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