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Building the Scaleauto 1/24th BMW Z4 White Kit SC - 7031

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    Scaleauto Z4 Window templates

    Originally posted by slotbutton View Post
    ... In the paint process now so will conclude the article when the decals arrive.
    Hello Darren, and other Z4 builders
    Here are the templates I made to mask of the inside of your Scaleauto Z4 windows.
    I've attached the same file as a PDF.
    The box surrounding the templates is 3,0 inch by 75 mm, so no matter which side of the ocean you're on, you should have a proper measurement check when you print this file

    Simply transfer these drawings to the wide Tamiya masking tape and apply to the insides of your window.
    Dont forget to mask of the complete outside of the clear part and use acrylic and or waterbased paint to paint them.

    Good luck with the paint process Darren, which decals are you going to use?

    with kind regards


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      Thanks for the templates I will put those too good use.

      I plan on doing this livery:

      Courtesy of

      However the available decals out there are not 100% accurate. Your decals always look good, where do you get them?



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        Have you tried Studio 27?

        web link


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          Thanks Daniel, definitely going to order those. Little bit more expensive than the usual supplier, but a lot more accurate


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            Maybe not just noticed they are sold out!


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              Minor details & decals

              Hello Darren

              Dansula already pointed you in the right direction, Studio 27 is the best quality, but as you already noticed their decalset is for the 2012 Ring 24hrs race.
              Now the Schubert decals I used for my Z4 had 2 versions: both Ring 24hrs as well as the regular 2012 VLN series....Races also done by the VDS team.

              Mind you please do a test fit first (trace the decals on some masking tape or scan and color/copy them onto a white decalsheet.
              All currently available Z4 decals are mastered on the Fujimi Z4 body, which is very scale accurate, but differs quite a bit from how Scaleauto chose to shape their Z4.

              And if you are determined to make this Blancpain Series version you may have to search for a decal printer like decaldoc, nickdraw or send a mail to Fola and try to get a generic numbershield and windowstreamer decal set.

              On the other hand, there's a great tutorial on SCI on how to do your own decals, and by the looks of it the numbershields and windowstreamer are the only notable differences and should be easy to draw and print on some white decalsheet.

              p.s. Sold out?....try other sources there are more webshops that stock ST27 just google and then there's alway the E...
              second hit on google
     in stock

              Good luck and keep up the good work.

              with kind regards
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                Thanks Tamar - decals are on their way so I better get cracking on finishing the paint


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                  This thread really pushed me to buy one of these cars. I got a bemmer my way !!
                  I am very excited. I hope I can make it run on my Ninco car.


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                    Car or track

                    Originally posted by Profoxcg View Post
                    This thread really pushed me to buy one of these cars. I got a bemmer my way !!
                    I am very excited. I hope I can make it run on my Ninco car.
                    I guess you mean on your Ninco track

                    Its possible, mind you you will most likely need to trim your guide as the Ninco slot is quite shallow.
                    Depending on the age of your track you'll be burning tyres faster then on wood or Carrera tracks

                    with kind regards


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                      Here is mine !!

                      Not a Z4 but a Bemmer!

                      I need to trim the guide just a little tiny bit, not big deal.


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                        Trim guide, tighten nuts, bolts and screws.

                        To get the best out of these cars you should check axle alignment, Loctite and tighten screws and nuts. Set gear mesh, lubricate all moving parts. Check for burrs on all metal parts which will prevent good alignment. On NINCO Track the stock rear tires will work fine once glued onto the rims. On bodies check and re-enforce with Shoe Goo, especially the nose area, and any interior parts that could be dislodged in an impact. Re-enforce the rear wing before you break the uprights, also check the interior tray does not hit the gear or motor.

                        Have fun, they run great on NINCO track, we have run National Finals on NINCO track, on Rubber, and on Sponge tires.

                        I believe Darren covers some of this in his White Kit build up: and here :
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                        Alan Smith
                        SCI Owner.