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Scaleauto HSV-010 kit assembly...

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  • Scaleauto HSV-010 kit assembly...

    Yes, I know I'm old, fat, and stupid...obviously not the qualifications required for assembly of this kit! Is this thing a MENSA test? They probably don't provide assembly instructions because it would quadruple the weight of the kit! I've written to Scaleauto, but no response. Is that laughing I hear? Help!

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    It's an intelligence test (call Scott at 132) ...


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      I doubt it has much on a 1/32 Scaleauto Mercedes build... Ugh.


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        I'll have to look at these and see if I can do a how to or something?


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          Did a google search and came up with this...

          [ame=""]Scaleauto HSV Epson JGTC 2010 #32 (SC-6030) - YouTube[/ame]

          If you pause it every now and then you may see what you are missing on the assembly.



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            I hope that when you do get it assembled that you find it was worth the effort. I love my 1/24 ScaleAutos, the 1/32 Honda HV... well, it ranks pretty low in my book. Maybe I just gave up too soon but it's the most unrewarding car that I have.


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              Thanks Tim, that helped clear up a few things. There are some tiny little pieces that look like brake calipers, but I'm not using the stock wheels, so skip those! It appears the kit is missing both mirrors already, so I don't have to knock those off on the first run! hahahahahaha


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                If you contact us at either the Retail Store or me direct

                I will alway help on any lines I Import and Distribute, as well as all those I do not.
                We can answer any Scaleauto question, plus we have a Scaleauto section on SCI for just this sort of situation.
                Scott has show build tips on these cars.
                The first Honda chassis was not up to spec, we did not ship any we Imported till we received new chassis, sadly some cars were then sold on by Dealers without the extra supplied chassis. Also some imported from other markets where the Honda was release with the too soft chassis.

                This is a very capable car, please if you need help ask.
                I am in Italy right now, but even here I am happy to help.
                Call anytime 1-253-255-1807 Alan direct or 1-253-564-1445 Store ( Scott )

                You could also come down and attend the next Scaleauto Event at where we can help hands on. April 4th-5th
                Alan Smith
                SCI Owner.



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                  Looks like I know where I'll buy my next Scaleauto car.


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                    Thanks Alan,

                    Got most of it built with the help of that video...thankfully, all the pieces fit pretty well! Alan, you give retailers a good name!