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NJ SCALE Racing March race results

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  • NJ SCALE Racing March race results

    here are the results of the NJ SCALE raing March race:

    1) Martin Dixon.....152 laps.......Porsche......6.699414.....purple lane*fast lap time winner
    2) Joseph Rosales..150 lane
    3) Mike Burke........148 lane
    4) Dan McCullom....147 lane
    5) Aaron Moore......147 laps.......Porsche.....6.749907.....purple lane
    6) Glenn Orban.......145 lane
    7) Robert Holt.........145 lane
    8) Mike Haskins.......140 lane
    9) Jim Regan...........138 laps......Porsche......7.187670....yellow lane

    just as with our BRM Group-C race, this was a very close and competitive race. These cars are continually being tuned and getting faster lap times. Martin was on fire, with Joseph, racing a borrowed car from Rob Holt, hot on Martin's heels. Mike with the only Audi got the final podium spot. Then there was the rest of us, all in a group right behind the podium finishers.

    Just as I said in the BRM race post, anyone can get a podium finish in this class. The cars are so closely matched out of the box, then it's up to each racer to tune his car further. Again, with 1-2 laps between most racers, this was another very close and competitive race. Mike Haskins once again raced a loaner car, and was very much impressed at how well the Scaleauto cars performed.
    I have been attempting to keep pace with my Porsche, which at one time was the quickest car in the group, and in this race I finally broke into the 6 second lap time range, but best I could do was get a 6th place finish . I need to get my rear tires just right, as I am losing time in the turns.
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    Go mike that was some nice driving!


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      Good racing as usual. Congrats to Mike B. on the podium finish, good work. Hopefully that controller helped a bit as well