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New in stock and coming soon from Scaleauto and MSC

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  • New in stock and coming soon from Scaleauto and MSC

    Recent arrivals from Arrow Slot back in stock.

    AR-1002a BMW V12 LMP

    AR-1002d BMW V12 White racing kit.

    Coming soon from Arrow Slot Scaleracing Dealers are taking pre orders.

    AR-1001d Arrow Slot Saleen, this car is a rocket finally coming out as a decorated version.

    Coming soon from Scaleauto in their 1:32 scale range with the RT3 chassis.

    SC-6028 BMW Z4

    SC-6049 I love the decoration on this car, they are strong runners too, with the RT-3 chassis.

    SC-6039 Another very cool decoration of the Group 5 BMW M1

    SC-6024 A third BMW M1 to get a series going, by the way none of them are Pink

    SC-6031 Another HSV Honda on the very adjustable RT3 chassis.

    Coming back into Stock, the Scaleauto Pantera, this sold out very quickly, a fun car to race. Comes with 2 decal sheets, show decorated.

    SC-6034 Scaleauto Pantera, coming back into stock next month

    For those who do not want to decorate the car here is another version of the Pantera.
    SC-6035 will be coming in soon.

    Goes perfect with the MSC Pantera below, also on the RT3 Chassis.

    MSC Pantera MSC 6039, not to be confused with the SC-6039 shown again below.

    Scaleauto SC-6039 BMW M1 Group 5.

    Then there is the ever expanding Scaleauto 1:24 scale Series Great on your NINCO or Carrera track at home, or take it down to the local Track and see these cars fly!!!

    SC-7053 Audi. Coming soon.

    SC-7054 Audi in stock now.

    SC-7028 Mercedes coming soon.

    SC-7027 In stock now.

    SC-7033 Coming soon.

    SC-7046 In stock.

    SC-7041 In stock now.

    SC-7052 In stock now

    SC-7049 Coming soon.

    Below are the Flying Lizard car, originally announced as bodies only but now released as a very short run as a complete car. These will not last long!!!!!

    SC-7039 Coming soon.

    SC-7038 Coming soon.

    More cars will be added soon, plus Scaleauto boxes coming back into stock after almost a year out of production.
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    Alan Smith
    SCI Owner.


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    Will this, SC-6028 BMW Z4, be an April 8th release as well


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      I expect this shipment around mid April

      The cars marked as coming soon should arrive around mid April, building the shipment right now.
      Alan Smith
      SCI Owner.



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        A few more from MSC coming next month

        MSC-6030 Subaru WRC' 98 Rally Lana 2001

        MSC-6013 Ford RS 200 Principe Asturias 1986

        MSC-6018 a very few coming back into stock.

        MSC-6023 coming in, also back into stock the red version.

        MSC-6019 this car sold out twice a few more coming in.

        MSC-6041 coming in soon.
        Alan Smith
        SCI Owner.



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          The RS200 in Marlboro livery is very nice


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            Dang! Still no Viper.


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              "Sigh"... I was so content in thinking I do not like the Gp 5 BMW M1's... until I saw the blue Emka car! Curses!


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                Scaleauto livery quality is simply excellent these days.


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                  They have a livery quality? Does it have to do with the onions?


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                    This is why it's just sad to be a vegan

                    Mmmmm ... my favourite, along with some mashed potatoes & gravy ...


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                      Tough crowd Daniel...

                      but at least some of us understand and appreciate what was meant!

                      My gut feel has been that my Racer Gp 5 Capris have been easier to prepare than the Scaleauto cars: this prompted me to go look at lap times after I posted last night. Turns out that lap times of comparable cars are as follows:

                      Scaleauto Mercedes: 7.588 sec
                      Racer Capri: 7.602 sec
                      Scaleauto Honda: 7.658 sec

                      Not a whole lot in it at all.


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                        Looking forward to several of those, but the BASF M1 raced in 1981 with the EMKA, not 1982!


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                          Dang that's a whole lot of nice cars Allen!!!


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                            Originally posted by PeteN95 View Post
                            but the BASF M1 raced in 1981 with the EMKA, not 1982!
                            Hhmm, BASF does recording media: perhaps this is just a time shifted recording, not the real thing?


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                              We knew that, but Scaleauto did not!!!

                              Nice photos wonderful plumage thought !!!


                              Scaleauto SC-6049 Sauber BMW M1 Gr.5 'BASF' #50
                              Hans-Joachim Stuck, Jean-Pierre Jarier and Helmut Henzler drove the 'BASF Cassettes' sponsored car in the 1981 Le Mans 24 Hour race.
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                              Alan Smith
                              SCI Owner.