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    I plan to change the nylon pinion on a 1/24 scaleauto car I have on order.
    I see they offer Brass, steel, and Aluminum pinions.
    I use the Aluminum pinions on my 1/32 cars, what is the preferred material on the 1/24 cars?

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    I prefer brass on all my slot cars


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      The alloy ones are very quiet, and I use them on most of my scale autos, I had one in a car that was run in a 6 hour race, and the pinion was stuffed at the end, but the car had a few big hits during the race, so the mesh was probably knocked out of spec.

      Sprint racing = alloy
      Endurance racing = brass


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        Steel is preferred by the commercial guys. If you have a good gear mesh it will be quite. Brass would never be used, considered too soft. Scaleauto with a typical motor and brass should be good enough.

        Personally I'm switching all my cars I run on a commercial track to steel in the future.
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          I always use the steel pinions and have never had a problem.


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            In the News and reviews discussion forum in the thread about Tacomas 24 hour race, Slotbutton discusses the after effects of the 24 hour race at Alan's and has some good photos of the pinion. .I wasn't impressed by the brass pinion, it was toast. I don't know if the nylon pinion would be better but the nylon spur looked fine.
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              Nylon work great here.

              Never had a problem with the nylon, sure you cannot remove and refit same. Use once only but they work fine here. Also used steel, and brass no issues there either.

              Not worn out a Scaleauto pinion yet, and lots of hours on them.

              Yes we did see heavy wear in the Tacoma 24 hour, but this was an angle winder BRM and their angle winder gears are hard, brass was softer than the glass re-enforced nylon.

              Really not seen issues with the Scaleauto gear, brass, steel ( be careful fitting ) or nylon. Maybe I am lucky
              Alan Smith
              SCI Owner.



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                brass being softer will eventually wear, and I do get good long life out of brass pinions. I have replaced both Scaleauto and BRM brass pinions after a few seasons of racing. Have yet to switch to steel, will give it a try on 1 car and compare. Would not use nylon on a commercial track, as hard as we race here in NJ. Nylon is ok for 1/32 cars on plastic tracks.


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                  A lot depends on the stress you're putting on the drive train, horsepower, the possibility of violent crashes and the materials that you use for bodies and chassis to cushion or not the impact.

                  On a commercial track you are maintaining higher speeds so the potential is there for some big crashes. "Luckily" you'll break plastic before brass.
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                    Thanks for the replies. FWIW I have been using the Ergal pinions that are teflon coated and they are super hard and never show signs of wear when using the PL Anglewinder gears.
                    Try one some time I think you will really like how they hold up.