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On a Wing and a Prayer

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  • On a Wing and a Prayer

    I really like to try the 1/24th Scaleauto cars but looking at the flimsy rear wings I'm thinking that they will not survive one crash on a commercial size flat track.

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    Depends on whether you leave the motor stock or not! I have raced the M3, Z4 and R8 and have the original wing on 3 of 4 cars! Depending on your rules etc The only recommendation I have is to reinforce the wing with Shoe goo. Have images somewhere on the forum. I did try the "Rubber" mounts and carbon wing on an M3 as well as replacing the stock mounts with the rubber ones and honestly I think the stock with Shoe goo was much stronger. I can post images of race damage if you want to see, but most of my cars have at least 8 hours run time at 13.8 volts on the 80 ft Windsor! All of them are still raceable and recognizable without serious damage.


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      I doubt we would stick to a stock motor for very long. LOL It would seem the shoe glue is quite noticeable.


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        It would seem the shoe glue is quite noticeable.
        When standing still more so than when being raced

        I doubt we would stick to a stock motor for very long.
        As long as you all use the same motor, they don't really need to go any faster IMHO - you'll definitely have more damage if you put faster motors in!


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          I recently bought a Scale Auto 1/24 Viper white kit, it came with the regular rear wing with plastic wing supports, plus the rubber wing supports. Have had quite a few crashes running at high speed on a large, banked commercial track, no damage to the wing.

          Can also get carbon fibre rear wings with rubber uprights separately, click here for info. I have these on most of my 1/24 Scale Auto cars, no issues with wing damage


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            Thanks guys,

            Do all the 1/24 scale cars come with metal chassis?


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              All the Scaleauto 1/24ths do


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                Shoe glue is ugly yet effective. As an alternative try cardboard and shoe glue. I modified the rear wing on the Jag this way and it seems a good compromise. Solid with out over re-engineering the wing supports. The car is with Alan so no pictures.
                Cut cardboard to the same size to match the outline of the wing struts with a long tail that is the same size as the locating tab that goes into the body for the support to body location. As an aside here I think Scaleauto could usefully re-design mounting system and make the engineering method more substantial with out any compromises in use. The body needs filling to accept the larger locating tab with cardboard. It is not too significant and with paint on the cardboard the change to the struts is they are now "solid" not open. The wing needs mounting on the body then when dry pull the cardboard tight and shoe glue it to the underside of the body. All is out of site and the wing does not look too much different and better than shoe glue on it's own.


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                  I painted the wing on my Scaleauto Porsche RSR but didn't glue it. Whenever I crash, which happens more than I care to admit, the wing simply pops off. Takes me all of two seconds to pop it back in place and I'm good to go.

                  I saw NJSlot1_32's Viper today with the flexible wing mounts and was very impressed by the whole thing. They look very sturdy and do a good job of holding the wing in place but are very flexible in the event of a crash, very cool stuff!