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    When do you expec them?

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    Originally posted by Wicker Bill View Post
    When do you expec them?

    They are in stock now. The website still shows preorder but 132 has them.


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      Showing the price now at Alan's so I assume ready-to-ship???


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        We are not releasing the R Series 935 or M1 yet.

        Due to an error in packaging we will not release either the Interscope or M1 R Series cars yet. Hopefully we can start supplying them in about 2 weeks.

        The Home Series versions are ready to sell.

        Also the Viper and 991 white kit cars.
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        Alan Smith
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          Are the bodies identical between the Home and R series?


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            Ordered an 'R' version from a dealer.
            At that time he told me the car lacked a steering wheel and a roll bar; the importer would be supplying them later.
            Car arrived. I immediately noticed the interior was loose, sitting cocked sideways in the body. Nothing major.
            Then I removed the top of the case. The right front wheel well looked like it was attacked with a Dremel bit. This had to happen early, as the body was painted. How it ever got through QC is beyond me.

            Needless to say, the car will be returned to the dealer.
            Sad outcome for my first Scaleauto purchase.