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ScaleAuto Spijker chassis fit issues

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  • ScaleAuto Spijker chassis fit issues

    Has anyone else got the same issue I have with a Spijker car? The one I have was part of a split-up two car set, and as pretty as it is, it is unuseable as the wheels foul the bodywork so badly.

    There is no way I have found to set the wheelbase of the chassis so that the wheels do not foul, as the problem seems to be at the rear of the car. The placement of the rear body post in relation to the rear wheel arches does not match the chassis distance from the rear mounting hole to the axle center line.

    I will try to post some photos later, but just wondered if the car I have is unique or whether there are others like it out there.



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    tire location

    scale auto made a junk car-Very nice looking body , but the Peoples Republic of China has NO quality control!! Throw away the scaleauto chassis and build one of your Super COOL chassi in steel and make a cool car
    PS Send pics when you make the fix


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      I did eventually get the car to work. At the front of the motor pod is a T- bar piece of plastic. I bent the legs forward so that the whole motor pod moved backward in the chassis by about 2 mm. That was enough to get some clearance for the rear tires, so the car runs OK now.

      But yes, one of my frames under there would really wake it up!


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        Hmmm... and I was going to write something to the effect that this was the best chassis they have come up with yet, handling is excellent, well balanced and just give them an attaboy. Picked mine up from the UK. Oh this was the R version, know nothing of the other one. They are notorious for awful QC but this was spot on, basic blueprinting and change out the motor to our required class motor and it should be a contender based on the lap times but its best feature is the consistent handling. Nope, I like this one though I do agree to some extent the wheels don't seem just where they should be but it is only off by a little. One of Dennis's superb chassis would take the car to a whole different level....
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          Scaleauto R Series chassis in stock

          While I agree the Scaleauto 1:32 cars have had issues especially with chassis design and plastics used on RT-3 Chassis cars. The latest R Series are much improved.
          I did not release many of the cars with RT-3 chassis even though I purchased them and have them in warehouse. The few I did I rebuilt in the USA. The new R Series, with the latest pod, I personally tested for the factory is working well here. If anyone has cars with the R Series Chassis that will not work or with RT-3 Chassis please contact me directly and I will do all I can to resolve issues.
          I am sure Dennis can build a chassis to improve almost any slot car but the latest cars with the R Series chassis run very well and the earlier cars can be made into good runners with the latest parts.
          Please contact me if you need help.
          Alan Smith
          SCI Owner.