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    Ron and I have just acquired Scale Auto 911 RSRs. The Spur gear slips. Somewhere I read it was OK to cut a flat in the axle. Is this legal for Alan's scale auto rules? Is there an axle that we can buy that is already flatted? We acquired some ProComp 3 tires because we run on a track with mild glue. We want to transfer the wheel inserts from the stock tires to the ProComps but can't figure out how to remove the inserts without breaking. Also, how are they inserted in the ProComps. Thanks for the help

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    Grinding a flat in rthe rear axle is legal.

    No problem grinding a flat in the rear axle. Also I use red loctite to hold the grub screw in.
    Regarding inserts they push out on the the Scaleauto GT2/3 cars, some even fall out in the box

    But due to some complaining I have seen the factory glue some of the insert into the stock wheels.

    You can usually push the insert out from behind with an axle, when fitting into the Pro Comp rims it is sometimes necessary to file down the outside edge of the insert, and also open up the part that fits over the inner hub on the wheel. Do not push on the inserts with the wheel on an axle you will bend the wheel.

    Better to remove the wheel from the car and push on the rim once making sure the insert is not too tight to fit.
    If loose then I fit with Model Master clear parts glue as easy to remove when the tire is worn out.
    Alan Smith
    SCI Owner.



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      I would think red Loctite would be a permanent fix, not allowing removal? Wouldn't blue Loctite be better suited for this application?