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crown gear loose on SC6028 1/32 BMW z4 Goodsmile

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  • crown gear loose on SC6028 1/32 BMW z4 Goodsmile

    The car is stock and has only been run for about 5 minutes total, until now. I just chipped it for Scaley digital and started testing it. I noticed an intermittent whirring sound and it started turning slower lap times. In checking it, the crown gear is loose!

    Being that this is my first Scaleauto car, I do not have any idea what size the allen setscrew is, and definitely do not have an allen wrench that size. Also, should the crown gear have 2 set screws? It has a threaded hole for another one, but I am not sure it is really needed. I am not planning on any serious racing with it.

    Are all the set screws on this car the same size, or would I need multiple wrenches to work on it?

    I also noticed the adjustable holder for the guide flag has cracks on both sides where the set screws are. I hate to complain, but are these issues normal for new Scaleauto cars straight out of the box?
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    Hi, can I suggest you call Alan (he's the SCI Site Owner, but also the Distributor for Scaleauto).

    It being Friday night, chances are good that you'll find him at the track; I'm sure he'll have the answers to your questions right off the top of his head.

    Me, if I find a gear with two setscrew holes, I would use both just to make certain.

    Alan's at - his store will probably be open tomorrow also, contact info there is on that page. Hope this helps, I'm sure he'll be able to solve the problems with that car.


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      Thanks Wet Coast, I will try to check in with Alan tomorrow.

      All of the grub screws appear to be about the same size, but I am not sure. I ordered a 0.9mm wrench a few days ago in the hope that it is the correct one. If not, I have some RC stuff that will need it for sure.


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        Update. Poking around in one of my toolboxes last night, I found one of my multi mini bit screwdrivers with a 0.9 hex adapter and it fit. All the grub screws on the car are 0.9mm.