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    I am expecting to get the new Monte Carlo. There has been some talk about Scalextric going to a standardized wheel rib configuration, so I was wondering if some of the aftermarket tires that I already have on hand would fit. The tires would only have to match the ribs of the wheels, I can narrow the tires a little if necessary.

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    Rich,15x10 quick slicks fit perfect on my latest scalextric car if that helps. I heard about the switch to more standard tires myself.


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      I was just reading that Quick Slicks was coming out with some new tires and that one was probably on the list of new tires being made.


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        I was hoping that some of the tires that I already have would fit, otherwise I would have to hold off on ordering a car until aftermarket tires were available. It does not make a lot of sense to me to order the car and pay postage on that and then pay postage again when I order the tires.


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          The Quickslicks guys have already measured the wheels.