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  • I may really be behind times here

    But I recently picked up a new power base and these cute little controllers for my Grandkids Scalextric track. These cute little controllers have a colored plastic button on the side that looks like it turns with a screwdriver. Is this a governor? Can I slow the voltage so they can't destroy cars? Or is is just an on/off so they can't do nuthin. Which means they'll probably destroy it all if I'm not there watchin. Just hoping you know. And then I'll buy insurance. Life insurance for them. Ha!

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    I believe that the red button is a simple mechanical stop that limits how far you can pull the trigger.


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      That is correct. Depending on the version, what you have may or may not stop them going too fast if they pull hard enough. The early version would "pop" and allow the trigger to go full speed if they managed to overpower it. I don't think it breaks, just moves the stopper aside.

      A new analog controller with a better, more secure, limiter has been release. I've seen it at Alan's, and it looks like it will work quite well for when you don't have a way to alter actual voltage to the track or lane. The shell is based on the ARC line of wireless controllers, but it's a standard wired controller compatible with their recent analog power tracks.