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  • Scalextric Banner Link

    If I click on the Scalextric banner at the top of a page that takes me to the Hornby model train site. I had to do a Google search for Scalextric USA to get where I needed to go. Maybe when the other more important issues with this site get fixed the Scalextric link can be corrected.

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    It is there just have to click on store and click on the drop down list for scalextric


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      I've noticed that as the site gets upgraded and overhauled, one of the weird results is that previously deleted banners from companies who had ceased being Advertisers have reappeared. Take a look at the top of the page, and you'll see what I mean - I think probably 5 of them don't belong (clicking on them takes you nowhere).

      So I'm going to guess that this may be connected to the Scalextric/Hornby banner 'malfunction' (mind you, they're making some beautiful locomotives these days).

      No doubt it will all get sorted eventually.


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        This is the proper link...


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          I see that with the new software the banners are now gone. Perhaps there could be a sticky someplace with links to the sponsors.