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Mr. Dave Kennedy - Customer support question

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  • Mr. Dave Kennedy - Customer support question

    Good day sir.

    I recently bought an Arc Air Powerbase but have since decided to just buy a Arc Pro Sunset Speedway digital set. A bit more than I had initially planned to spend but figured this to be the better way to go long term.

    So I need to return the item.

    I emailed customer support on Monday morning and as of Wed. Afternoon, have not heard back about the return. I have left phone messages with customer support as well as left messages at a few other extensions. Have not been able to speak to a human either dfor almost 3 full days now.

    Just seeing if you might be able to provide any assistane.

    Thank you sir.

    Mike Santti
    [email protected]

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    Did you buy it directly from Scalextric or from a hobby shop? It is typical to return new, unused things to the outlet where they were bought; it's not usually an issue for the manufacturing company to handle.


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      I believe that Tony replied before I'd seen this...