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Question on new Scalextric set - Power problem?

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  • Question on new Scalextric set - Power problem?

    Hi folks,

    I just purchased a Scalextric "Raw Power" set for my son's 8th birthday. I'm new to modern slot car sets as the last time I got to spend any time with them was when I was a kid in the 80's.

    After getting it all set up it seemed to work great for the first 10 or fifteen minutes. After that, every so often the power would go out on the track.

    At first I thought it was one of the cars since the motor didn't seem to be as smooth as the other.

    However, now I've narrowed it down to controller port 2 when the power section of track is connected to the rest of the track. When I pull the trigger all the way on port 2, regardless of which controller is used, the red power light goes dim. This happens whether or not there is a car on the track.

    When I unplugged the transformer for a while then plug it back in the cars will run fine for a few minutes before the problem reappears. The transformer is not warm and neither are the car motors.

    Any clues on what's going on and a possible fix?



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    Just a reminder to the 'experts': The Raw Power set has the newest analog powerbase/controllers/power supply with the rectangle plugs.

    Roger. If the set is 'new'...then this is a warranty issue if you choose to make it one. Call whatever shop you got it from. They can deal with Scalextric USA for you. Or contact Scalextric USA yourself.
    Your symptoms say the powerbase is not right. Scalextric will likely send you a new one if your dealer, or yourself, contact them. Phone: (877) 358-6405


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      Thanks! I'll try giving them a call on Monday if I don't hear back from Electric Dreams (where I purchased the set). I sent them a slightly modified version of what I posted here.

      Yes, it is the rectangular plug-type power base.

      I'm still getting up to speed on the terminology and history.


      P.S. Who is the owner of and what is his birthday? I keep getting asked these questions whenever I try to do something in this forum. I have to keep cycling through until I get "Popular British slot car brand". That one I can answer!


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        Who is the owner of and what is his birthday?
        Rumour has it that this suspicious character is the fella you're seeking.

        But that's just his stage name - he purports to be one Alan Smith, but we're never really sure about that.