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Track Building from a T3 set: Newbie Question

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  • Track Building from a T3 set: Newbie Question

    I've just bought my first Scalextric track since I was a kid: I've recently been thinking about getting a set and after missing a bunch on eBay I finally found one I could afford.

    It's a T3 set, the Pony Cars War Trans-Am. It's not arrived yet, but I'm already thinking about other tracks I can build with the track that's in the set....last time I used Scalextric, there was no Sport track, so all these curves and radii are new to me! And the Scalextric track builder program won't work on my PC.

    So here's my question please: are the curves in the T3 a 'standard' radius? if so, does anyone know for example how many of these curve pieces I need to make for example 180 degrees? Apologies if this is a lame question....

    Any advice appreciated!!

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    T3 set has R3 Radius which go on the outside of standard R2 curves to make a 4 lane set up
    4 R2 make a 180 and there are 2 R3 per R2 so 8 R3 make a 180


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      So you could get a T2 set or just about any other Scalextric set with R2's and have a 4 lane set up when combined (on the inside) of your T3 set


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        Funny I started with the T2 set.
        I posted some track if your interested in another forum. I could PM you a list if you need something.



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          Thanks guys, that answers some questions: I guess I need some R2 curves next......I've been away from this for too long!

          Z-carfan, yes please PM me a list or a link to your track, there may be something I need....


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            Thanks Guys! That helps: clearly I need some R2 t curves. I've been out of this for too long......

            z-carfan, please do send me a list, there may be something I need!


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              Scalextric track list

              Dr. H,
              Forgive the poor format, it did not copy over from my word doc.

              As you look, I put the Scaley part number, description and cost per piece. (unless stated)
              That way you can pick what you need and not buy a bunch of extra.

              Straights section QTY

              c8236 short straight 78mm qty 7 $2.00
              c8200 quarter straight 87mm qty 3 $2.00
              c8207 half straight qty 4 $3.00
              c8207 half straight (painted grey)- qty 1 $3.00
              c8205 full straight (painted grey) qty 2 $4.00
              c8205 full straight qty 28 $4.00

              Curves Section QTY

              c8202 inner curve r1 qty 6 $3.00
              c8206 standard curve r2 qty 19 $4.00
              c8234 half standard curve r2 qty 1 $2.00 sold
              c8203 R2 crossover x2 qty 2 $4.00
              c8204 R3 outer curve (22.5 degree) qty 14 $4.00
              c8297 R3 banking 90 degree per set with braces 2 sets $15.00 per set
              c8235 R4 outer outer curve (22.5 degree) qty 3 $4.00

              Borders section QTY

              c8240 R1 outer border qty 4 $3.00
              c8279 r1 inner border cut but good qty 2 $1.00
              c8280 r2 inner border 22.5 qty 4 $2.00
              c8228 r2 outer border 45 qty 4 $3.00
              c8228 r2 outer border (black) qty 3 $2.00
              c8281 r3 inner border qty 4 $2.00
              c8224 r3 outer border qty 8 $3.00
              c8238 r4 outer border qty 8 $3.00
              c8233 lead in lead out (black) 1pair $6.00
              c8233 lead in lead out 2 pair $8.00
              c8223 Half straight borders qty 4 $3.00

              Control and power QTY

              c8215 lap counter half straight/with extra half qty 1 $25.00
              c8217 power control half straight qty 2 $15.00
              Scalexric power supply qty 2 $25.00
              c8023 scalextric hand controllers qty 4 $12.00
              C8433 ARC ONE POWER BASE (near new & complete) qty 1 $70.00

              Please ask if you have any questions.



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                probably should have PM'd rather than post. apologies.


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                  A suggestion: As soon as you can, buy some Professor Motor controllers made for Scaley track. They are a huuuuuge improvement over the stock Scaley "kit" controllers.