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brush wires damaged by headlight PCB

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  • brush wires damaged by headlight PCB

    I have a Scalextric car with working headlights/taillights (BMW 320si BTCC C3217) and it started to stop running when going into corners. After taking the car apart, I noticed that the wires from the brushes to the motor are damaged by the headlight PCB (printed circuit board) which sits on top of the wires and presses firmly on the wires. The wire shows indentation where the PCB has been sitting and the car starts moving again if I wiggle the wire. So to fix, I can just solder a new wire but the end of the wire which connects to the brushes has a crimped connector which I cannot find available anywhere. A hacky fix would be to just solder onto the crimped connector. I have another Scalextric car with working headlights (F40) and it's also occasionally stops in corners too and looks to be same problem. IMO, a poor design and/or assembly.

    Curious if other have experienced this problem and how they fixed it.

    Also, what is the gauge of the wire from brush to motor?

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    There are probably a hundred ways to fix it, but a picture might help to get to the best solution.

    I'd cut the wire at the crimped connector and just solder new wire straight to it, and then back to the motor. Again though, a pic would help. I haven't seen the guts of a Scaley car in some time now.


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      Why would that be "hacky". That's the great part of the hobby. Fixing things with what you got on hand is what it's about.