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Old Scaleys and motor replacement

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  • Old Scaleys and motor replacement

    Got a Scaley March 240. Decided i'd like to put an FC-130 in it instead of the original motor it came with. Guys at the track said, sure. get a Slot It adapter that converts an FC-130 to fit in an SCX mounting and you're fine. Uh, NOT, as it turns out. You see, the SCX style motor in at least some of these old Scaleys is an endbell drive motor, not a can drive motor. The Slot it adapter doesn't do anything in such a case, as the front motor mount holds the can end and the two indents on the sides of the motor are held by the rear mounts.
    An additional complication is that though FC-130s tend to have the same two side indents. you need to have a really long pinion shaft to reach all the way to the axle. Even an Artin FC-130 doesn't have a long enough shaft. And of course, an FK-180 - which might be the right length - doesn't have the two side indents, because they'd intrude into the magnets.
    So it's back to the stock motor until i can do more research.

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    It's funny that should ask this question just now. I have been enjoying re-engineering old Scaley F1's this last while. The great beauty of them is their ease to re-motor. Mainly I use the slim can motor as I wish them to have the same performance as the present day F1 cars. To me it seems a bit off to have a seventies car run rings around Jenson Button.

    I have yet to tackle the March. It has a full chassis under the body, unlike the clam shell style for the Brabham, Shadow and BRM. By eye I would suggest offer up a boxer motor, a slim can as well as the Slotit FC130. See which is the easiest to install. This could take some modifications. There is a great hand held Dremel for this task. (An excuse to buy more tools). Depending on how much excavating/dremeling inside the body is needed for each motor and the comfort level with doing it to make the motor of choice fit, would drive my motor choice.

    I have not pulled the car apart. By eye the slim can will fit with very little dremel work. In some other cars I have used plasticard as a rear bulkhead on the motor and some times at the front too. The attraction of plasticard is the sheets are easy to cut, drill and file to fit around the motor shaft and to make screw holes to install the screws to hold the motor. I make stiff paper versions of the bulkheads first then when all fits together cut the plasticard ones. The final placement can be secured with Shoe glue or epoxy.

    Looking at the car I would see if there is a way to lower the guide height. The stance of the model does not come close to the original car as it looks far too nose high. Worry not. A BNova replacement guide plate with a Slotit or Scaleauto guide will get the right stance for the car. I use epoxy/shoe glue and maybe a screw or wire to secure this plate to the car.

    If you are looking at finishing this car with the very best parts perhaps consider The Policar range from Slotit. I do not believe they are fully on the market yet but they are not far off and they will be of a very high quality. The most recent update from Maurizio was 1 sept 2015:

    "A quick update. If everything goes like it should, production will be finished by Oct 20th... To be in the shops in time for Christmas."

    I would hope Sloitit/Policar will have the full range of spares available at the same time.

    Good luck with this one as it is a car I would love to get running myself. It is sitting in my to do work pile.Lets us know how you get on with it.


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      Just finished my Scalextric March 711 build with current components from a Fly March F1.

      See my build posting on the other NA forum for details.

      @ dansula - I remember your updated Scalextric GP cars running at Luf's. I think seeing how well they ran must have influenced my recent build.

      The outcome's really quite good, so I can see why you've got a whole collection of the oldies to update.

      Winnipeg Dan


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        With a little fettling these old Scaley are a blast to race. Pictures to follow


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          Think I'll buy another chassis to work on if I'm gonna cut it up to put a whole new motor mount in it, which is what would normally be required to put any other motor type in it. Fortunately Greenhills has them.
          Yeah, if i do that i think my preferred motor would be a Scaley FF050 motor, it's a great motor.

          OTOH, if I was REALLY clever I'd figure out how to make an adapter that securely encloses the FF050 and fits into the current motor mount. Hmmm. Might be possible, using the right plastic tubing......
          Just as an interesting note, the motor is mounted at an angle.

          Meanwhile, the front guide mounting is weird and won't take a wood guide at all, as the place on the chassis where the wires stick up out of the guide is not a hole. A Bnova adapter does not change that. I'll have to cut that area away carefully to allow the wires/braid mount to stick up thru the chassis.

          The last bit that i almost forgot is that on this particular F1 car one has to remember that the rear tires are the same as the front tires. Full size F1 rear tires won't fit, as the rear axles are too close together to allow that. Fortunately i had two pair of the right size from another project.

          Really looking forward to finishing this one up and seeing how it runs.

          Can't help but wonder, though, if there could be a way to modify the chassis so as to power both rear axles......


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            Pictures of Some Scaley F1s

            Here are some iPhone pictures of some of the cars to give an inkling into the excavations/modifcations done. Once you get the hang of it the great beauty of plastic is how easy it is to modify them.


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              Interesting. Haven't gotten to the point of making my own motor mounts yet. Perhaps this project will take me there. I've used devis3d chassis to turn toys into slot cars, and those have turned out pretty well. This one, though, will be an adventure with either path I could take if I replace the motor.


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                Great reminder those Devis pods are just right for these cars.


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                  Update: I had a flash of insight. Realizing that either the old Scaley (backwards SCX) motor can or an FC-130 can correctly engages the motor mount both at the rear and on both sides, I took an FC-130 motor out of a toothbrush apart and mounted a Scaley FF-050 inside the FC-130 can. Voila'!
                  A little bit of shimming between the cans to hold the FF-050 securely, and it's perfect. Swapped out the bushings and rear axles, put in a Slot It crown and CB Designs F1 front wheels on both rear axles, and much better. Nice and smooth, and a huge improvement over the stock drive train.
                  Hopefully i can get to the track tomorrow to see how it runs.