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    I'm putting together a 50 foot 1/32 scale Scalextric layout. I was sent a pair of racing cars in the set that are really nice and well-detailed, but I don't want cars that look like they're set up for racing. (They are a Corvette and a Lamborghini)

    I want cars that look like the normal American sedan on Main Street going 35 MPH, with no Spoiler, no Hood Scoops, no Racing Stripes, no Advertizing, and no Helmeted Driver.

    I'm 80 years old, and I've just dismantled my 133-foot HO scale Model Railroad and want to get into slot cars.

    Does anyone make an ordinary 1/32-scale Analog passenger car that goes to the shopping mall and looks plain and unexiting, that would satisfy a conservative old man like me?

    Thank you,
    Pit Stop Harold

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    Carrera and Scalextric both do a lot of street cars some are ever limited editions, you just have to look around but they are there.

    Last I saw u had given up on slot cars and had quite the little rant going on ur home forum.


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      If you're into the modeling aspects of the hobby then google chase-cars. Up will come two or three used car dealers and 'Slot Cars with Character'


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        While there is stuff out there that could suit your needs, (the Scalextric VW bus would make a nice, blue-haired, 25MPH, grocery getter) I would even recommend that you consider building 1/32 car model kits and utilize the excellent PCS chassis (or others) to power them. There are excellent 1/32nd kits of older sedans available, of both domestic and foreign cars, that you could do this to. 1/43rd Carrera "GO!" chassis can be used for some of the smaller, 1/32nd compact cars. Opens up some options for you anyway.

        Just my .02.....


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          Oh, yeah.

          Originally posted by Jesla View Post

          Last I saw u had given up on slot cars and had quite the little rant going on ur home forum.



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            HEY JESLA,

            As Mark Twain once said: "The reports of my death have been greatly exaggerated."

            I'm now fully committed to "making a go" of the Slot Car hobby!

            I've just finished building a pair of heavy tables to support my"Curly-Q" set that was shipped to me from Hot Slots, and these tables were built from the leftover 2x4's and OSB panels from my Model Railroad venture. When bolted together, they will make a 15' x 5' support for the Curly-Q outfit, which will later be expanded by adding 14 more straight sections.

            That's it for now...thanks for your information on "just plain cars"!

            Pit Stop Hal
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              Just a few after a quick look around


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                double post


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                  HEY JESLA,

                  Those are just what I was talkin' about! Are they 1/32 scale Analog, and will they run on Scalextric Sport track?

                  Who do I order them from...What's the price?

                  Pit Stop


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                    Yes and Yes.... there are many more, just search though our sponsor sites.

                    They go for around $30 - 40 or so.... often on sale for 1/2 that so shop around.


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                      Non racing cars


                      I was over at electric dreams this past week and they had many " non-racing " types of slot cars available by different manufactures. Electric Dreams is located near LAX, if you don't mind a drive into Los Angeles. This would give you the opportunity to physically checkout the cars . I saw a banner on SCI to electric dreams for more info.



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                        HEY MONQUISPOT,

                        I'm not into modeling in any form.

                        I don't Scratch-Build, I don't Kit-Bash, and I don't Paint or Weather. My former Model Railroad friends all assumed I did those things, and when I told them I was an out-of-the-box-and-run guy, I got the cold shoulder.

                        So just give me a ready-to-run slot car and everything will be Jake!

                        Pit Stop


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                          Nothing wrong with running right out of the box.

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                            What Happened?

                            My recenty installed slot car course (39 feet) was running just fine, with a crossover at each end of the course. This allowed one car to make 2 laps before returning to the starting point.

                            Then I removed one crossover and replaced it with a 90 degree curve. The car would barely move, like the track was shorted. Is this what happened?

                            Upon replacing the crossover, it worked fine once more!

                            I plan on adding another 14 straight sections, which will give me 55 feet and a longer straightaway.
                            My table was built for future expansion, being 15' x 5'.

                            Pit Stop
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                              Bad connection between track joints. Is it with both lanes?