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    Yes, both lanes!

    I tried the switchover again this morning and the same thing happened. The car would move ahead 2 inches, then the power supply pilot light would go out, indicating a short!

    I replaced the 8206 sections with a pair of spares, and the same thing happened. Then back to the crossover and it was fine again!

    It looks like I have to have either 2 crossovers or NO crossovers in the circuit!

    Pit Stop


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      If you have an uneven number of crossovers you need to do this!!!

      With an uneven number of crossover tracks you in effect have a single lane track. You can do this and it will run fine BUT ONLY if you only plug in one controller to the power base. As Scalextric Sport controllers have dynamic braking the second controller will short out the track if plugged in.
      Alan Smith
      SCI Owner.



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        Having no experience with anything but a routed track, I was following the slots, mentally, and came to the same conclusion. Now I know for sure.


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          It doesn't work with just one crossover, it ends up powering the entire track as one big series loop, through one controller.