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new T3 sets, or best way to buy multiple R3s?

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  • new T3 sets, or best way to buy multiple R3s?

    I am trying to figure out the most economical way to buy about 14 pieces of R3 track in bulk for a new layout. I need other pieces also, but the R3s are the biggest mass quantity.

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    Break it down and price it up. Do you want the cars too? Will you use the analog base? Are there crossovers,squeeze tracks or jumps that you could care less about? How many R3 corners are you getting? I just pull the trigger on what I need as painfull as it is. Rome was not built in a day and neither is a personal and custom track. I'm in the process of replacing 120' of SCX with Scalextric and it ain't cheep, but will be done soon.


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      I am looking at about 14 pieces of R3 track, and 10 R1s.


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        Hope people looking for track will support SCI Stores

        While I fully understand everyone is concerned about cost I hope you will look at Stores that support SCI when looking for Car, parts, track and accessories.
        If Slot car racers cannot do that then more and more Stores close.

        When I ran Scalextric USA I created the T2 and T3 Sets. Also the black borders, sadly those items are no longer marketed, pieces aimed at the US Market as I knew many North American consumers wanted to build 4 lane tracks. Also that they wanted borders that widened the outside of the track without a speed bump.
        Hopefully Scalextric will again look at T2 and T3 Sets as they really help those wanting to expand their layouts.

        We sell track, but in a Set it was more attractive, and you got a Multilane Powerbase which is also needed. Plus more cars

        Happy Holidays.
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        Alan Smith
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          Since Noone locally has scaley, I will be looking online, and yes, I am planning on looking here first.

          The rumble strips do seem to be removable. I will start looking into options for that as soon as I get a nice layout. I am working with a crazy 8 at the moment. not too excited about the crossover.


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            Tan borders have rumble strip.

            We are a real Brick and Mortar Store, who also has an online Store. Plus we bring you SCI.

            The tan borders strip does come out but a flat strip is not available to fit in its place.

            We still have black borders for rad 4 outside, no rad 3.

            We have track in stock if you need it.

            Call anytime to discuss.

            Merry Christmas
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            Alan Smith
            SCI Owner.



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              I have some of both black and tan borders for R2s, but haven't had time to remove magnets to try them out yet. Daughter is still enjoying beating me with the ARC One races. She pit stops a little better than i do (must sneak in some practice).

              I am looking at this design:

              or this one (it uses a few more pieces of the track i already have

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                Check the buy/sell. Track on sale cheap there right now.