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Found a complete set of Scalecxtric stuff. Am I hooked?

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  • Found a complete set of Scalecxtric stuff. Am I hooked?

    Dusted off a large box of Scaley stuff that's been stored for over a decade. It wasn't mine. I never laid eyes on it until 3 days ago. My intention was to clean it up, make sure it worked, and then sell it.
    It does all work, with the exception of about 5 pieces of track that were chewed up apparently by a mouse.
    I did a bit of online research and now I'm thinking of keeping it and even adding to it.
    I have cleaned up the track thoroughly and the cars and, I suppose, as far as it goes, it's still a pretty cool toy. I realize it's not what serious hobbyists would call something worthwhile, but is this worth anything at all.
    Like I said, I'm probably going to keep it. I guess what I'm really asking, is it worth adding to?

    If so, what is worth upgrading?

    The details:

    It's all old style non digital made in England track. I have 24 straight track pieces, 24 45 curve, a few pieces of half and quarter straights and 22.5 curve, marked tracks, a lap counter, a swerve track, lots of barriers, but not much 'edging'.

    There are 6 cars. The pair of Ford Tauruses run best. There are a pair of Formula One cars and a pair of Fly cars but they fly off the track pretty easily.

    There are 3 power bases and two power sources. Two of the bases run only one side each, so they go together. The other power base clips on under the track and runs both sides. The first scenario is clearly best, but they both work.

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    we need pictures!!

    Start by upgrading the tires, yours are probably too far gone to provide any decent grip which would explain why they just fly off the track. Paul Gage tires work well but it's a matter of personal preference. Have fun!!


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      I have many pictures. Is there a way to show pictures other than from a url link? My pictures are on my phone, not a website or gallery. I'll have to create an online gallery first, I guess. Never tried that from my phone.


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        This is supposed to be a link from Google Drive. Don't think it's doing what I want.
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          upload them to a photobucket account

          or imgur