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    I bought the kids a scalextric analog set for Christmas and the arc one base. We love it. My oldest is racing almost every nite. What would be some good up grades. One thing I would like to change is the controllers the ones that come with it are junk. I've read somewhere the arc base can be modded to where I could use another base with the better controllers. Has anyone done this? Also the track has a elevated section that uses round risers which seems to warp the track over time. Is there a better way to elevate the track?

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    hi, welcome to SCI Great to hear your kids (and you too, I hope) are enjoying slot cars. There's been a fair bit of interest in Arc one, but I suspect not too many uses on this forum yet as a lot of people appear to be waiting for the much anticipated pro version with more features. Sorry, I am among those that haven't played with one yet, but until more knowledgeable members show up, I can give my 2 cents:

    You can add a standard Scalextric power base IF you disconnect the plug as shown in post #4 on this thread: (ignore the pictures of cutting wires in post 1 - skip down to post 4). The standard power base will allow you to use any controller wired for use with a Scalextric track - the stock Scalex controllers are still pretty low quality but at least they have brakes. I would suggest getting two standard Scalextric power supplies (aka wall warts) as this will give each lane a separate power supply and eliminate the power surge that occurs with a single power supply when one car goes off the track and the remaining car gets a resulting spike in power, often sending it into the weeds as well.

    These basic changes should give you a more enjoyable system. Depending how handy you are with circuitry, wiring and spare cash, you can continue upgrading as far as you want from there - better controllers, regulated power supply, faster cars...

    As far as the bridge pylons go, yeah, they are pretty flimsy. Depending on how you set your layout up, you can try building a set of ramps out of something more substantial - I use foam insulation board glued into a stack of the required thickness then cut (with a bread-knife) into a wedge shape to support the track. Two big wedges works OK if you use pretty much the same layout all the time , but if you change the setup frequently, you might still be able to build up a set of smaller blocks (say half a section each) that could be moved around. Good luck.

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