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    I'd like to make my scalextric cars run more quiet. I've got several scalextric cars and each car seems make different sounds as they race around the track. So far, I've only tried oiling all the moving parts and it helps a little. I'm interested to hear what others have done to scalextric cars to make them more quiet.

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    There are many things that can be done to make a Scalextric car run better and quieter.

    One of the problems is that Scalextric uses press on plastic wheels fore and aft. The bushings must be sized to allow for the knurling that makes the end of the axle larger then the center of the axle. This leaves play between the axle and the bushing. You can feel it and see it. The problem is that the mesh of the gears is always changing. This adds a bit of noise to the car.

    I have tried something recommended to me by a friend. That is to put a drop of oil on the inside of the bushing, then turning the car on it's side with the oiled bushing on the bottom side. Now comes the part that can get a bit scary . . . . . . You need a power source so you can run the car . . . . . . You are now going to put a drop of CA glue on the axle where it meets the bushing. Once the glue is in place, rotate the axle by hand to spread the glue. Now turn on the power supply to about 7 to 8 volts and keeping the car in the same position, and run the car. You will hear the car loading down as the glue dries, but it will start to loosen up - you will hear that as well. After about 3 to 6 minutes of running, you can shut off the power. If you try and move the wheel, you will see there is no more play between the axle and the bushing. Repeat on the other side.

    Your car should quiet down considerably. At least all of the Scalextric I have done this to have become a whole lot quieter.


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      If your running on plastic the cars will seem louder as well. Add shims to the front axle to limit side to side play and oil the axle. If your running with the body screws loose for float,that will add some noise. Also check the interior,if loose to the body,a lttle hot glue will help. If all else fails,turn the music up.


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        Getting replacement parts from Scalextric

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