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  • Lack of user end support

    Hey guys,

    I am not sure if I have just been looking in the wrong place - or is there actually a lack of user end support for Scalextric products?

    For example, I got the Digital Law Enforcer set a little while back, and after putting it away in the cupboard for a week, I got it out the following weekend for a bit of a race. I had put all the paperwork together in the warranties box, including the instructions - and I thought "oh that's easy enough - the plans will be all over the internet" - lo and behold, you can't find the set up instructions ANYWHERE. At the very least, there should be a downloadable PDF on the product page on the website - and a page full of all obsolete sets and cars and etc.

    Also, with their high turn over of cars, it's near impossible to get the spare parts you need - I've had a couple of cars that have taken big hits (the daughter was fangin' it - I swear ) - and I would like to just buy a rear axle - but it's very hard to find some! They seem to be OOS on the Scalextric website, and out of production!

    It's these little things that would just give the brand a bit more of an edge, eg - Lego, you can search and download instructions for kits that are older than even me!

    All that aside, thanks Scalextric for the fun you have given me and my family, and I look forward to having even more!

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    It's why they are slowly on the way out.


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      What is the problem with the set? .electricdreams will be your best bet on parts for scaly cars. youmight think of going with a slot it axile you can replace the gears and hubs without having to replace the complete assy. good luck


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        You can get spare parts through the brand.

        Scalextric are a toy manufacturer, after all. Where injectorman gets that they're on the way out, I don't know, but those are strong words to be throwing around. Some may say the same for other companies, based on how slow their productions and product development is, when those companies would vehemently argue against such an accusation. But, I digress.

        But, you're right. It's hard to get replacement parts for Scalextric cars. Docdoom has a great suggestion in electricdreams. They seem to be able to carry a lot of Scalextric brand spares. But, for older cars, when the spare sell out, that's it. Hence, my suggestion of, from whom you can get wheels, tires, axles, gears... even whole rear axle assemblies designed to be installed into your car of choice.

        Sounds like it's time to graduate to the hobbyist side of this toy. ;-)


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          Scalextric cars are a great base product. I think they leave the door open for tuning to the individual taste of the owner. That's what's great about this hobby,if you don't like it you can change it.


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            Originally posted by Billy boy View Post
            Scalextric cars are a great base product. I think they leave the door open for tuning to the individual taste of the owner. That's what's great about this hobby,if you don't like it you can change it.

            I think that it depends on what you want your cars for. If you want to play with them on your home track with family and selected friends then Scalextric can be a good option. If you want to do serious racing then you must consider that many of their models have basically rubbish wheels that will come off and crack the back side where the axle in inserted. I have raced many classes both mag and non mag and to be honest I only race Scalextric in two of them. Trans Am with slot it rears because we have to use a stock chassis and 50s F1 because Scaley and Cartrix are the only options. I have numerous Scaley shelf queens with former battle scars that reside on a shelf marked spare cars. I have also come to the conclusion that Carrera has passed Scalextric and other lower price options as a car to have. I have four Carrera GTs, three DTMs and two classic NASCARs and have found them to be fun and reliable and have not split a rim yet.


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              I heard some disturbing rumors of Scalextric (search Hornby PLC) problems so I took a look at their financials. The newest ones were for 2015 (March). Not fabulous but workable, 2016 (March) don't appear to be out yet, thinking this month, but some serious events have occurred, enough that the CEO has been dismissed. Trouble in paradise may translate to some issues but I wouldn't write them off yet. They did have some neat manufacturing and product plans concerning owning their own plant in China. Should be interesting to see if they pulled it off or not but apparently debt is what has caused the issues. Not sure how the distribution works here in the US but in general pulling out of markets is not going to help a situation so if they get their financial house in order we should have access to toys.


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