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Greg's Scalextric ARC Pro Platinum GT set hands-on video

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  • Greg's Scalextric ARC Pro Platinum GT set hands-on video

    Just as the title says. This is an unscripted video of me playing with, describing, and critiquing the new Scalextric ARC Pro system with the Platinum GT set I just got. It's POV with the camera on my head, so fair warning to those who get motion sickness from some types of video. Also, this is unedited. In fact, I didn't even tack on the 16 seconds that got shaved off into another video where I said I was done and to post questions if you have any. In spite of all that, I hope that it is enjoyable and informative.

    [ame=""]Scalextric ARC Pro hand-on - YouTube[/ame]

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    Arc Pro Demo

    Thanks very much , very informative ! As an old fart I am a little intimidated however that,s what sons are for ! Looking forward to getting mine ! Al


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      It's not hard to figure out, really. I'm still trying to figure out exactly how the pace car thing works, though.


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        thank you MrFlippant

        can you run just 1 car in practice ?


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          Good video Greg. Thanks.

          What make and model is that Tablet you're using in the video?


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            Originally posted by gorp View Post
            can you run just 1 car in practice ?
            Taking that question at face value, the answer is yes... and no. You can't start ANY race of ANY kind without at least two assigned drivers (cars). You can then run the race by yourself, and then at the end, push (or drive) the other car across the line to end the race. Otherwise, the race will never officially end, and you'll need to abort it and lose the stats.
            Even pace car technically has two drivers in it, but in this case, the system knows you're only driving one of them. I'll have to test if the pacer needs to cross the line for the pace car race to finish, but I do know that the Pace Car "race" doesn't have any of the pit lane functions to make it fun.

            Originally posted by Porsche Racer View Post
            Good video Greg. Thanks.

            What make and model is that Tablet you're using in the video?
            Thanks. That's a Samsung Galaxy Tab A 10.1" (no stylus). Got it from Costco for like $150, I think.


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              I think I figured out Pace Cars. Essentially, it's a lap or time limited head-to-head race between your chosen car (based on controller ID) and any of the other cars. Literally nothing else.

              Whichever car you choose, it must be the only controller turned on/active. If more than one controller is active, the app will force the lowest ID to be the one for the human to control. For example, if I have controllers 2 and 4 turned on, and I want to use controller 4 for the car on ID 4, I can't do that until I turn OFF controller 2. The lowest ID# will ALWAYS be the human driven car. All others will be the pace car. You can watch this in action prior to the race because the border of the driver info box (top and left sides of box) will be the color of the controller # that it has defaulted to. It took me a bit to figure this out, and I thought at first that only ID 1 could ever be the human driven car, because it was always turned on while I was testing.

              When you set up the pace car speed, any other ID'd car on the track will move at that speed. It doesn't matter if it's a car on #2 or #5 or whatever. This also means that multiple cars can be used as pace car traffic, but there won't be much of a race because EACH car will count a lap for the "Pace Car". You can't possibly win against more than one pace car, since it will count laps 2-5 times faster than you can. I could not find a way to disable lap counts, or to have pace cars individually calibrated and counted. I don't see why the app can't be updated in the future with those abilities, though.

              Now, there appears to be a bug that crashes the app any time you disable the first driver in your list, which you might want to do in order to choose a different driver as the one you'll be controlling. The app won't allow any other driver to be turned on (only one human driver for Pace Car mode, remember?), but I'm betting that's only until the currently enabled driver is DISabled... but the crash prevents me from finding out if that's their intention. This happens on both devices I have that are compatible with ARC products. I expect once this bug is fixed that one will be able to choose whichever driver he has set up in the app. Unfortunately, this bug means that you'll need to go in and tweak the driver settings (power level, throttle curve, fuel load, etc.) each time you play with a different car that performs differently. Meaning, you wouldn't be able to set up cars and drivers in advance, and pick the one you're going to race with, and easily change to another. I'm sure this will be fixed in the future, though. It's clearly not working as intended.

              There are no in-race features other than lap counting and lane changing. No pit lane related function (fuel, tires, etc). No KERS, not even Yellow Flag. Most of that is stupid, and could easily be allowed for the human driver, but the latter actually bothers me. It's common to crash your own car, or for the pace car tires to get dirty and allow it to slide and deslot even when the speed was set correctly. Not being able to reach over and tap the screen to pause the race in some way is, well... stupid. A feature that is present/available in all the other race types, but not in Pace Car mode for some reason? No. There's no reason. They NEED to add that in. It's insanity to not provide it for this mode.

              Anyway, enough of the critique. At least it's something that works to allow a racer to have some competition when he's racing alone.


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                Watching the video at about 2 minutes

                Observed 1 car can run without need for second by running without tablet
                so am guessing only arc app requires 2 or more.
                Can you confirm this please ?

                btw Does arc air also require 2 cars or more when using arc app ?


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                  In all of those comments I was referring to races controlled by the app.
                  I can, of course, simply drive around any number of cars I choose at any time. Even when the tablet is connected and a race is not being run.

                  I can NOT, however, have any of my laps timed or counted unless I tell the app there's more than one car. Even in Pace Car mode, the assumption is that there is a pace car, and the race will not finish until the pace car and driven car have passed the finish line.


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                    If I want to get into Scaley Arc Air Pro with pit lane for 6 cars and say 20 feet of track 4 cross over pieces what is the total bill including the app and a tablet? How does the app compare to SmartRace?


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                      thank you MrFlippant

                      for a price estimate of all that additional stuff over set would guess easy over 1 grand or more depending on tablet chosen while arc app is free

                      for comparison without tablet apb same set up would be around 900


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                        Based on MSRP for each item:
                        ARC Pro Platinum GT set: $689.99 (The set comes with 31+ feet of track)
                        Two (more) high detail, DPR ready, Scalextric GT cars: $54.99 each ($109.98)
                        Two (more) DPR chips to digitize them: $19.99 each ($39.98)
                        Two (more) ARC Air/Pro controllers: $27.99 each ($55.98)
                        Two (more) Straight Lane Changers (XLC): $59.99 each ($119.98)
                        An android tablet capable of running the app: $200
                        - GRAND Total of: $1215.91 (plus applicable tax and shipping) if you can't find a store selling below MSRP for anything.


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                          As far as SmartRace is concerned, I don't think it's a good comparison since the system is different... plus it's written for the hobbyist market rather than the mass market. I'm hoping that, someday, we'll have something similar to SmartRace for the ARC systems, where it's been designed by people who actually RACE slot cars regularly.
                          If I made a list of features and pros/cons, they'd probably come out pretty even, though.


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                            You mentioned in the video that the speed was determined as part of the stats. I think on ARC ONE and ARC AIR you only get a speed if select a track layout.

                            I think you can set any layout but you should try to pick one close to the one you are using.


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                              I had a track selected. I'm thinking it might only be for drag racing, or there's a bug.