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C7042 or C8435?

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  • C7042 or C8435?

    A brief background history:

    In my previous home I had a permanent 4 lane Scalextric Sport analog layout, as well as a 4 lane MaxTrax HO layout. Everything was packed up for the move (3 yrs ago), and only the HO has been set back up taking 16x4' of precious space in my basement. Space is an issue in the new house, so I have been considering digital. I'm torn between the new ARC Pro or the older 6 car base. I have ruled out Carrera (although I would love to run 1/24 scale), as it does not seem like setup/breakdown friendly as I don't have room for another permanent layout. Also, I have a tub full of Scaley (and Ninco) track. The added bonus to Scalextric digital is that I can run all of my substantial garage in analog, as I have no cars chipped for digital but of course I will need to start chipping the cars I want to run.

    One of the questions I have is regarding RMS and the ARC Pro system. I've downloaded the software to my phone and poked around but I cannot find an answer. In the ARC Pro app, does the tournament mode allow for race hold outs or round-robin? If I had a field of 12 racers and I wanted to run 3, 4 drivers mains, could I do that? If not, can all drivers be rotated through? At this point it doesn't seem like ARC Pro can be hooked up to a PC to run an RMS of choice. To be honest, if ARC Pro did what I wanted, it wouldn't bother me as much.

    Any thoughts on which base I should go with? Should I go with a set even though I have existing Scaley Sport track?


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    very recently discussed here

    arc pro set cost covers arc pro power base, 4 wireless controllers, 4 cars with latest dpr chips, and 2 dual lane changers so rest of track is a freebie so point is buy the set
    personally was very frustrated with advanced power base and while arc pro base has not arrived yet, do expect it to be simpler to use for both digital or analog


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      Thanks for your reply. For sure the value is there when all the pieces are totaled up, but the unknown for me is whether I'll b able to use the RMS app the way I'd like to. In my previous analog layout I used Trackmate hardware and software for my RMS to run races in my club. It seems that similar PC based software is available when using the advanced power base. It would be great if the ARC Pro app could be used in a similar fashion.


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        at the moment rms is not available for arc pro

        forgot to add set also includes pit lane for use if using arc pro pitting

        but real question is do you plan to try to run 4 lanes of analog still in 4 x 16 since any use of a digital pit lane will add an additional minimum of 3 1/2 and maximum of 7 to track width

        having built a few 3 and 9/10 tracks which provide 3 lanes analog and 2 9/10 digital but they ran on glad and did not have proper analog lap counting but all 3 lanes were powered equally

        however when running advanced power base or arc pro you may have real problem equalizing power for analog unless you build a 6 lane track having 2 dedicated digital lanes plus room for pit lane and having then 4 separately powered lanes for analog

        so your choice would then be only an oval using r1 and 2 and 3s to fit table size


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          Nope, no plans to go 4 lane. Theoretically the club racing would happen on the digital side of things, and the analog would be a bonus to run my analog cars on.

          I forgot to ask earlier, but would I be able to use a my aftermarket power supply to run at reduced voltage? I race all non-mag, but racing at 15V would not be ideal. I've read that the advanced power base needed a minimum voltage to operate lane changers. Ideally I would be running at 12v.
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            digital requires a special kind of power

            not regular analog power but regulated so some use computer power packs

            however believe both advanced power base and arc pro allows you to reduce power to track for 1 or all and change power curve of controllers

            also digital does consume part of voltage for chips and changers

            have also found the less magnet the better with digital but personally believe some are needed along with sillies for handling problems of the toy design
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              If your interested in race management and are looking to go digital, you should give Carrera another solid look. I have 2 tracks running and racing, one Carrera that is a couple years old, and I just put up the latest Scalextric Arc (8435) pro set, with some extra track, and have been learning it. I had the older 7042 power base, and just never loved it. It was frustrating most of the the 7042 doesnít have wireless controllers, which was a huge bummer.

              The new Arc Pro is pretty nice, and works well. The app that connects does allow some pretty good race management, and I believe you can do a round robin (although havenít tested that yet) The latest set with the 4 digital cars, is a good bang for the buck.

              The Carrera layout is still, totally in my opinion, the best track and accessories to run solid racing events, or clubs. The track is slightly more cumbersome to put up and down, but once you learn it, it goes pretty quick. The absolute best thing about Carrera is the Race Management Software developed by Bruce Yingling. You will find tons of info about it on the Carrera part of this forum. Itís free! It does require a windows based computer, and a s-Ecuador connection cable...but completely worth finding these items. And Bruce is a very intelligent and dedicated racer...his software is simply the best RMS Iíve witnessed, and Iíve tried them all. When you tie that to how well all the Carrera accessories and cars work, plus you can run the incredible 124 cars, itís simply the best total digital slot package out there are 2 app driven RMS programs available for Carrera. Carrera makes one, which is a little lack luster, and another incredible programmer built one called SmartRace. Itís very good...and you can use it to manage large race groups. It works for both IOS and Android devices...Iím currently running races with SmartRace using a 12í IPad Pro.

              Good luck...lots to consider


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                ARC Pro is a huge step forward in terms of the user interface and is exactly what this hobby needed. The only negative that I can see is the fact that fuel burn is determined by laps instead of throttle input which for me is a deal breaker so I will continue with C7042 and SSDC for now.


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                  ARC Pro doesn't seem to be able to accept CLCs in a circuit either as Mr Flippant has found out in his other thread.


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                    believe problem is UNMODIFIED curved lane changers

                    me make mistake on this reply

                    found posting by Mr Flippant elsewhere and his findings that even modified curve changers fail due to each lane being separate powered
                    which makes no sense to me

                    funniest thing read was someone suggested there they try taking power off 1 lane to run track to solve their problems with arc pro
                    welcome to glad
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                      No Gorp, not with C8435, it seems, as Mr. Flippant found out !


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                        Solution is pending
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                          when you edit a post
                          you cannot change title

                          believe first line of topic said am wrong
                          if you do not read them you might miss the interesting part


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                            Unfortunately, it would appear based on my experience with my ARC Pro base, that Scalextric have decided the curved lane changers are no longer worth considering during product development. Due to the nature of the electronics in the base, it's not possible to have curved lane changers of ANY kind, as shipped or modified, in a layout powered by the ARC Pro. The symptom of the problem is that the changeover slot has no power (modified) or causes SAFE mode (as shipped). While SSD users have gotten used to the lane change flippers being "dead spots", the much longer distance between the flippers being dead is going to be problematic at best. Coupled with the dead flippers, and cars will have to be going at decent speed to coast through until power is restored, so any kind of low speed driving or stopping for any reason will result in cars not moving at all from those areas.

                            There is a potential modification that may solve this problem, but it's untested and I would rate it as moderately complex, requiring re-wiring the connections under the track as well as cutting the rail to create an isolated section of rail. This is something that cannot be expected of people to do, and so my recommendation will be to not use CLCs in a layout with the ARC Pro.

                            All that said, I've yet to have any corroboration of my findings, AND all of my findings were AFTER I modified my ARC Pro base to turn the track piece around in order for it to fit into my portable track and count laps for the way the cars run around it. It's possible that either my base was defective from the start, or my modification created the problem. I look forward to hearing from others who have or get the ARC Pro base and are able to test this and share their findings.
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                              sorry no curved changers for years

                              replaced with straight dual changers that work