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ARC PRO design fault fix for digital use only

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  • ARC PRO design fault fix for digital use only

    There was a fundamental design problem with the ARC PRO at its initial release, if lane 1 and lane 2 join together in any way it causes a short circuit and the powerbase goes into SAFE mode.

    The following is a simple modification to overcome the problem, but it loses the ability to race analogue cars.

    Many thanks to MrFlippant and to Gysse for proving this mod works and thanks to Gysse for the photos.

    Mod is easy, you just need a screwdriver and a soldering iron. Suitable for teenagers upwards, difficulty level 1.

    Remove 6 screws under the ARC PRO powerbase to reveal the wires

    Unsolder the red and black wires at the top of the photo and resolder them to the opposite rail, so now red to the inside rail and black to the outside

    Reassemble the 6 screws. Job done. Now most digital Scalextric track pieces can be used (CLCs, 2:1 chicane using pit changers). Note that the 6 car Lap Counter accessory does not work after this mod, due to the way that accessory is wired to the track. A modification can be done to the accessory, if needed, however most people with the ARC Pro are not likely to also be using the deprecated Lap Counter accessory as well.

    If you try to use analogue mode you will find the cars will go in opposite directions. Hence this is a mod if you intend to use digital only.

    Thanks again to Gysse and MrF for helping resolve this.
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    please pin this post from Riko at the top
    it is essential to scaly arc pro



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      I would also add, and request, a subforum devoted to Scalextric ARC Pro. This is a new product and there will be lots of info coming out down the road. Having it consolidated in one place would be VERY helpful.


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        I'll pin this post, but I can't make a new subforum. We'll talk about it, though. Sometimes, too many forums can be more trouble than they're worth. For now, I think the Scalextric Digital forum should do the job nicely.


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          Is it my understanding if you do this mod the analog cars will run from left to right? If this is the case I could still host the Forums Cup Proxy and the cars would go counter clock-wise. Was debating Pro vs Air. It is only me running cars and $56 is a lot easier on the budget than $170. Hence while I have the first 6 car power base I never have anyone to race against. UM that didn't include cost of straight lane change tracks. Looks like about $30-50 apiece depending on supplier.

          Does Pro allow you to change directions of travel? Since it is programed for straight lane change tracks only. All you would need to do is turn the lane change track around correct? Disregard found answer after reading other post. AP runs in one direction only.

          Is there a market for curved lane changers?

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            Pro currently only works in one direction. To run the cars in the opposite direction, you'll need to turn the base around as well as the lane changers. No, the mod in this thread does NOT solve that problem. It's the order the senors must be crossed that determines the direction the cars must travel. While changing the wiring will change the polarity and make analog cars run the other way, they will effectively be running the WRONG way according to the sequence the sensors must be triggered in.

            If you need to run a proxy that requires left turn racing, then turn the base around so that the box is inside the track. Problem solved.


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              Thanks for the response Mr Flippant.


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                from what read at sf the mod of arc pro

                see post #1
                fixes digital
                while analog runs toys in different directions like on a city street but only if lanes are power separated
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                  mod works great but

                  there is a mistake with 1st post

                  if you have a tablet with a working arc app is minor glitch
                  if you do not have tablet with a working arc app
                  this is major problem
                  you will find you cannot use a stock digital 4-6 car lap counter powered by arc pro mod

                  my arc pro mod ran fine with glad project lap counter
                  pulled it out and installed stock 4-6 and it flashed off while cars ran fine
                  plugged stock counter into pb4 and worked fine
                  rechecked by plugging stock counter back into arc pro mod and flashed off again
                  rechecked again by plugging stock back into pb4 and worked fine again

                  so arc pro mod without arc app requires glad project lap counter aka powering counter out of track with pb4


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                    OK. Good to know that a person who just purchased a new power base specifically designed to use a mobile device for lap counting cannot use a decade old hardware lap counter. I guess there might be a few people out there with one of these in their 4 car PB layout that upgrade to the ARC Pro without removing the redundant hardware.

                    Gorp, since I don't have one of these devices, can you take a look at the wiring under the stock one? I'm wondering if it has something strange with how the power is taken from the rails, or if there are bridge wires between the lanes or something else out of the ordinary that might explain this issue you're seeing.


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                      my only concern is for those arc pro moders who find that their tablet will not work with arc app and need a lap counter
                      still trying to justify even buying my own tablet here

                      surprised by this result too because when stripping out lap counter years ago found both lanes powered it
                      and thought would be perfect for arc pro mod since had used it stock with pbpro-sh and pb4

                      do remember when arc pro arrived there was discussion on wave form of the lane power
                      perhaps that is what is causing stock counter shutdown

                      again my only solution is stripping out power from stock counter lanes and then connecting counter to one lane of separate powerbase such as pb4 while maintaining same positive/negative rail relationship
                      it also makes a quick ider

                      will try to get you a pic
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                        Originally posted by gorp View Post
                        surprised by this result too because when stripping out lap counter years ago found both lanes powered it
                        That pretty much explains why, with the mod in the original post of this thread, the lap counter accessory won't work. It's getting no power because the power is conflicting with itself.

                        A pic would be nice, because it's possible that a simple snip of a wire or two will solve the problem such that the lap counter will work with any base, even a modified ARC Pro.


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                          My $0.02: Post #9 on should be moved to the forum below and removed from this thread. For anyone not yet into the down-and-dirty of Arc Pro, this conversation is confusing. This is more about how to use the new system to do less than it is designed to do and should not be a part of this thread. Too confusing to be a part of the design fault fix and unrelated.


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                            I agree that it is confusing, but it does apply to this thread, since the OP states that this mod allows the ARC Pro to work with all stock Scalextric Sport Digital products, and it specifically names the Lap Counter accessory.

                            Although Gorp's purposes/uses are unique, it was due to those uses that he discovered this incompatibility. Due to the nature of the wiring in the Lap Counter accessory, it cannot be used with an ARC Pro once it has been modified as in the original post.

                            Hopefully that helps clear up any confusion a reader may have.

                            I will also edit the OP to note that the Lap Counter is not compatible.


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                              found solution unexpectantly

                              maybe these posts should be moved because

                              arc pro mod does work great for most requested digital problems

                              Mr Flippant asks for info
                              was going to open up spare 4-6 counter to show him and then convert it to out of track power as only solution knew of
                              had an old lap counter ready to use for conversion
                              would not count laps properly with revised straight dual changers
                              had contacted scaly by phone and email about this problem late 2016
                              was told probably caused by change to run o2 better
                              so bought a new 4-6 to use with new changers and old which it did powered by in track pb4

                              got out the old 4-6 that had failed with new changers
                              plugged it in to modded arc pro to get expected failure like the new version before and then inside pics and finally conversion wiring
                              guess what - old counter worked stock
                              (rechecked new version of counter- bought directly from scaly early 2017 - that failed again with arc pro mod but then was fine with pb4)

                              then plugged in new changers to old counter and it still worked
                              so happy now knowing that modded arc pro can continue without needing app
                              but cannot explain why it worked - magic maybe like what the analog guys here used to call glad
                              Last edited by gorp; 02-09-2018, 03:48 PM.