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ARC PRO design fault fix for digital use only

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    What was the solution? I read that twice and all I could figure out is that things are working again now that you've tried them some more?


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      solutions are older lap counter or direct wire to pb4

      ok today dug out another new counter bought in 2016
      it previously worked ok with the new straight dual changers with pb4
      unlike the older counter which would not handle new changers with pb4

      tested ok on pb4
      failed with arc pro mod
      failed again with mod
      tested ok again with pb4

      conclusion is
      use stock older lap counter with appless arc pro mod
      or direct wire new or old digital counter to out of track pb4

      apologize for messing up Riko's how to fix arc pro posting
      you guys really did great service with this mod
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        Gorp... Is your I key broke or do you have an aversion to the word 'I'? I've noticed it a lot, you completely avoid the use of it.

        I was always starting sentences with it ditched, 'Will' instead of 'I will' as an example... 'Was' instead of 'I was'. We were always taught in English class to minimise it's use. I've always felt to over use it comes across selfish (for want of a better way to explain), I this, I that. It does need to be reduced but to completely ditch it can make for some bad text.

        I noticed it as I did the same but now 'I' is welcomed in my use of words.
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          Gorp has his own inimitable style, but he gets his point across just fine.

          to SCI!


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            Yes. I'm slowly starting to understand it. It was harder at first but the more I read, the more it computes.


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              We call it "Gorpish"


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                Originally posted by RikoRocket View Post
                There was a fundamental design problem with the ARC PRO at its initial release, if lane 1 and lane 2 join together in any way it causes a short circuit and the powerbase goes into SAFE mode.

                The following is a simple modification to overcome the problem, but it loses the ability to race analogue cars.

                Many thanks to MrFlippant and to Gysse for proving this mod works and thanks to Gysse for the photos.

                Mod is easy, you just need a screwdriver and a soldering iron. Suitable for teenagers upwards, difficulty level 1.

                Remove 6 screws under the ARC PRO powerbase to reveal the wires

                Unsolder the red and black wires at the top of the photo and resolder them to the opposite rail, so now red to the inside rail and black to the outside

                Reassemble the 6 screws. Job done. Now most digital Scalextric track pieces can be used (CLCs, 2:1 chicane using pit changers). Note that the 6 car Lap Counter accessory does not work after this mod, due to the way that accessory is wired to the track. A modification can be done to the accessory, if needed, however most people with the ARC Pro are not likely to also be using the deprecated Lap Counter accessory as well.

                If you try to use analogue mode you will find the cars will go in opposite directions. Hence this is a mod if you intend to use digital only.

                Thanks again to Gysse and MrF for helping resolve this.
                Hi guys,

                Sorry to bring up an old thread.

                In the above, it mentions a picture. Can you please advise where this picture is as I am unable to see this.

                "Unsolder the red and black wires at the top of the photo and resolder them to the opposite rail, so now red to the inside rail and black to the outside".

                Without seeing the picture, are you basically unsoldering the wires on both rails and swapping the colours .i.e solder the red where the black was and vice-versa?



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                  No response required. Found the picture.