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there is more than 1 way to skin a cat

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  • gorp
    started a topic there is more than 1 way to skin a cat

    there is more than 1 way to skin a cat

    ARC PRO that is.

    OK promised to test glad with arc pro and had some time yesterday to dig it out since stored since purchased the advanced couple years ago.

    So without using any apps, tested glad with a arc pro sf mod to digital only and a stock arc pro.

    Used 2 scaly digital cars , 2 scaly analog cars , 1 vintage strombecker , 4 controllers , and 2 slotitit chipped glad cords.

    Both arc pros were out of track with 1 extension cord from only the closest lane of the arc pro leading to
    2 pairs of wires leading to the 2 lanes to be tested.
    If still confused , see sci homepage, articles, how to, for my poor pictures from 2010.

    First test was run digital only , remember this is now a 1 lane digital fed track so no problem with standard modified curves or single lanes.
    Perfect with stock and modified arc pro.

    Now the real analog test , with modified digital only and stock set only on digital.
    Plugged in chipped cord with each between arc pro and track intake wiring.
    Glad set to operate on controller 3 and 4 while previous digital only was with controllers 1 and 2.
    Glad reverses analog to run both lanes counterclockwise with controller 3 now controlling only lane chipped by 3 and controller 4 controlling only lane chipped by 4.
    Controller 1 and 2 now have no control over digital 1 and 2 cars.
    All cars, both digital and analog , now run as analog with no lane changing.

    Analog cars lap counting can be done with separate stock scaly analog lap counter.
    Digital counting without app uses a 4-6 car lap counter modified to be powered by separate pb4 ,
    unless you locate the apparently rare version that works stock with mod arc pro.

    Expect both arc pro powerbases to still be able to use app under digital only to adjust top car speed.

    But what did not expect was that analog humming was gone.

    If interested in digital only, do the arc pro sf mod
    If interested in both arc pro digital and analog , glad offers a good alternative at about $50 a lane.

    Any buckeyes interested in seeing arc pro glad should contact me.

  • MrFlippant
    GLAD works with the ARC Pro. Good to know. I never doubted it, based in the concept of chipping the lane... should work pretty much no matter what system or base is in use.

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